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1. The Greek Defence Sector: Turning the Page?

2. Domestic implementation of European Court of Human Rights’ judgments related to immigration in Greece

3. The Syrian Civil War Twelve Years On: Can There Be a Constructive Role for Greece?

4. Drafting Greece’s “Internal Security Strategy” – Challenges and Prospects

5. Diplomatic scramble: Greek foreign policy towards Libya

6. Cooperation against the odds: Getting small firms to work together in unfavourable circumstances

7. Adapting to New Realities: Israel’s foreign policy in post-Netanyahu times

8. Using RRF resources to kick-start a job-rich recovery in Greece

9. Georgian-Greek Relations: Building a Strategic Dimension

10. Greece and Turkey in the world today: the public’s view

11. Local community views on Marine Protected Areas on Greek islands

12. Regional power competition in the Eastern Mediterranean: the return of naval power and the changes technology brings

13. Achieving qualitative superiority: Greek conscription and the Turkish threat

14. Household Wealth Inequalities in the wake of the Greek Debt Crisis

15. Transparency policy in Greece: From citizen empowerment to anticorruption and open data

16. What is the agenda for the Eastern Mediterranean?

17. Between Erdogan, Mitsotakis, and Biden: The Evolving Ankara-Athens-Washington Triangle

18. Turkey's ‘Precious Loneliness’ vs. Greece's Multilateralism

19. How to make I.T. in Greek Manufacturing: Evidence and Policy Recommendations

20. Greece, Cyprus, and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

21. The Digital Markets Act (DMA): Between European autonomy and transatlantic cooperation

22. Nudging for Recovery: Behavioral Economics and the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan

23. The role of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean conflict zone: A country transformed and a glimpse into the future

24. Skills mismatch in the Greek labour market: insights from a youth survey

25. Greece’s Rise as a Trans-Mediterranean Power: Greece’s Eastern Mediterranean strategic shift to Europe-to-Africa and Europe-to-Middle East connectivity

26. Turkish drones, Greek challenges

27. Greek Diaspora in an uncertain world

28. Revisiting and going beyond the EU-Turkey migration agreement of 2016: an opportunity for Greece to overcome being just “Europe’s aspis”

29. Ahead of the five-party meeting: Convergences and bridgeable differences towards the reunification of Cyprus

30. A fresh start for Greece-Libya relations: A view from Nicosia

31. The ‘Magnificent Seven’ of European Defence Integration

32. Public Administration in the era of Covid-19: Policy Responses and Reforms underway

33. Between Geopolitics and Geoeconomics: The Growing Role of Gulf States in the Eastern Mediterranean

34. Greece-Israel Relations Help Stabilize the Eastern Mediterranean

35. Biden’s Eastern Mediterranean Agenda

36. China’s Influence in Southeastern, Central, and Eastern Europe: Vulnerabilities and Resilience in Four Countries

37. Structural Shifts and Regional Security: A View from Israel

38. The Interests of Eastern Mediterranean States and Israeli Policies

39. How ‘demos’ met ‘cracy’: debt, inequality, money

40. Education and wage inequalities in Greece: access to higher education and its effects on income

41. Bank recapitalizations in Greece: From state-led bailouts to the ownership transfer of banks to foreign hands

42. The Greek-Turkish Maritime Disputes: An International Law Perspective

43. Greek-American relations: what next?

44. Greek-Russian Relations: A Potential to Mend Strained Ties

45. All Hands on Deck: the Crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Need for US Leadership

46. Unequivocal Diplomatic Support for the EEZ Agreement between Greece and Egypt

47. Israel, Greece, and the Turkish Challenge: Acute Testing Lies Ahead

48. The Struggle for the Mediterranean: The EMGF Stake in the Libyan Civil War

49. The Struggle for the Eastern Mediterranean: Israel’s Role following the Berlin Summit on Libya

50. Israel-Greece-Cyprus take on Turkey in the Mediterranean

51. Guiding Principles for Israel’s Foreign Policy toward the Eastern Mediterranean

52. How International Oil Companies Could Assist Greece to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: A Conversation Starter

53. A Stronger Mediterranean Partnership: Why More Than Gas is at Stake

54. The refugee ‘crisis’ in Greece: politicisation and polarisation amidst multiple crises

55. Trends in Israel’s Regional Foreign Policies: July-December 2018

56. The Fourth Trilateral Eastern Mediterranean Summit

57. Eastern Mediterranean Summitry

58. East Mediterranean Partnership Signals an Energy Revolution

59. Structure, Agents and Discourse in Managing Economic Crises: The Case of Greece, 2009-2017

60. The Greek Crisis and Its Repercussions on the Balkan Neighbourhood: The End of the Myth

61. Welcome Home in a Crisis: Effects of Return Migration on the Non-migrants' Wages and Employment

62. One Year Stranded and What’s Changed? An Update to the October 2016 Joint NGO Policy Brief on the Situation for Displaced Persons in Greece

63. Europe, Don't Let Us Down: Voices of refugees and migrants in Greece

64. Hotspots, Rights Denied: The lack of a legal framework is threatening the rights of migrants reaching Italy

65. Embracing Islamic Finance in Greece. A preliminary analysis

66. The Greek “Rescue”: Where Did the Money Go?

67. Laid Low: The IMF, The Eurozone and the First Rescue of Greece

68. Three Myths Behind the Case for Grexit: A Destructive Analysis

69. Where Next for the Euro Zone?

70. Global risk hotspots: an EIU assessment

71. Insecticide Resistance and Malaria A Threat Decades in the Making

72. Sovereign Debt Crisis Management: Lessons from the 2012 Greek Debt Restructuring

73. Staying on side: how to stop match-fixing

74. The Greek Debt Restructuring: An Autopsy

75. Güney Avrupa'da Ekonomik Kriz ve Toplumsal Hareketler

76. Those Who Knock on Europe's Door Must Repent? Bilateral Border Disputes and EU Enlargement

77. The Europe We Would Like to Inherit: Toward a Visionary New Pragmatism

78. Greek Entrepreneurs to the Rescue: How to Reinvent the Greek Economy after the Sovereign Debt Crisis

79. Where did all the Spartans Go?

80. Mispricing of Sovereign Risk and Multiple Equilibria in the Eurozone

81. Rising Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean: Implications for Turkish Foreign Policy

82. Fear Athens Less and Washington More

83. Macedonia: Ten Years after the Conflict

84. Europe's debt crisis: Where and when will it end?

85. Fiscal Asymmetries and the Survival of the Euro Zone

86. Outward FDI from Greece and its policy context

87. Is Greece heading for default?

88. Adjustment Difficulties in the GIPSY Club

89. What now for the 'peripheral' Eurozone countries?

90. EU-India strategic partnership: Taking the stock

91. US Hamas policy blocks Middle East peace

92. Cyprus: Bridging the Property Divide

93. Historical Poetics in Modern Greece: Reflections on Three Writers

94. Are financial markets embedded in economics rather than society? A critical review of the performativity thesis

95. Britain and the 1960 Cyprus Accords: A Study in Pragmatism

96. Venetian Colonialism in the Aegean: Sifnos in the Thirteenth Century

97. The Cyprus Stalemate: What Next?

98. Pyrrhus on the Potomac: How America's post-9/11 wars have undermined US national security

99. Financial Consequences of Widowhood in Europe: Cross-Country and Gender Differences

100. CERI: Religion and Politics in Greece: The Greek Church's 'Conservative Modernization' in the 1990s