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1. Social clauses in trade agreements: implications and action points for the private sector in developing countries

2. Risk Shocks and Divergence between the Euro Area and the US in the aftermath of the Great Recession

3. Information in the First Globalization: News Agencies and Trade

4. World Interest Rates and Macroeconomic Adjustments in Developing Commodity Producing Countries

5. Restructuring Sovereign Bonds: Holdouts, Haircuts and the Effectiveness of CACs

6. Tracing the evolution of service robotics: Insights from a topic modeling approach

7. GARCH Analyses of Risk and Uncertainty in the Theories of the Interest Rate of Keynes and Kalecki

8. Firm Profits and Government Activity: An Empirical Investigation

9. Breaking Through the Digital Ceiling: ICT Skills and Labour Market Opportunities

10. Exploring ‘Non-Tariff Measures Black Box’: Whose Regulative NTMs on Which Products Improve the Imported Quality?

11. Global Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Capital Allocation Strategies Between Impact Ambitions and Measurement Challenges

12. Shifting into Digital Services: Does a Crisis Matter and for Who?

13. Global giants and local stars: How changes in brand ownership affect competition

14. MULTIPRIL: a new database on multilateral price levels and currency misalignments

15. Corporate tax avoidance and industry concentration

16. Grey Zones in Global Finance: the Distorted Geography of Cross-Border Investments

17. Cross-border Investments and Uncertainty Firm-level Evidence

18. Does Birthplace Diversity affect Economic Complexity? Cross-country Evidence

19. Making Peace with Climate Adaptation

20. Beyond Compliance and Cooperation? Rethinking Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Value Chains in the Age of COVID-19

21. Fostering the Development of the Coffee Global Value Chain

22. Foreign exchange intervention: A new database

23. On the Heterogeneous Trade and Welfare Effects of GATT/WTO Membership

24. Corona Politics: The cost of mismanaging pandemics

25. Covid-19 Shocking Global Value Chains

26. Institutional design and spatial (in)equality: the Janus face of economic integration

27. Endogenous Growth, Skill Obsolescence and Output Hysteresis in a New Keynesian Model with Unemployment

28. Overconfidence and Hygiene Non-compliance in Hospitals

29. Reliable Real-time Output Gap Estimates Based on a Modified Hamilton Filter

30. Higher economic growth in poor countries, lower migration flows to the OECD: Revisiting the migration hump with panel data

31. Coping with Disasters: Two Centuries of International Official Lending

32. Assessing Asia: Sub-Saharan Africa Global Value Chain Linkages

33. Comparative Advantage in (Non-)Routine Production

34. IPR Policies and Membership in Standard Setting Organizations: A Social Network Analysis

35. Estimating the prevalence: Properties of the estimator regarding specificity and sensitivity of the underlying test

36. Labor force participation, job search effort and unemployment insurance in the laboratory

37. Does the Belt and Road Initiative stimulate Chinese Exports? The Role of State-Owned Enterprises

38. Refugees’ Integration into the Austrian Labour Market: Dynamics of Occupational Mobility and Job-Skills Mismatch

39. Product-Level Trade Elasticities

40. Are Your Labor Shares Set in Beijing? The View through the Lens of Global Value Chains

41. Migrant Inventors and the Technological Advantage of Nations

42. International Business Cycles: Information Matters

43. Are global value chains receding? The jury is still out. Key findings from the analysis of deflated world trade in parts and components

44. HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series

45. The Intergenerational Effects of Parental Incarceration

46. Measuring Bias in Consumer Lending

47. From the EMS to the EMU China