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1. COVID-19 credit support programs in Europe’s five largest economies

2. Firm Profits and Government Activity: An Empirical Investigation

3. Cooperation in Tertiary Prevention of Islamist Extremism

4. Lebanon as a Test Case for the EU’s Logic of Governmentality in Refugee Challenges

5. Britain's No-Deal Debacle? The Costs at Home and Likely Setbacks Abroad

6. Brexit and Renewables in Scotland

7. A Short-Sighted Vision for Global Britain

8. The Primary Cause of European Inflation in 1500-1700: Precious Metals or Population? The English Evidence

9. UK Cyber Security Policy: The Socio-Technical Factors

10. ELIAMEP Working Paper discusses the political turmoil in Kosovo

11. Understanding Digital Intelligence and the Norms That Might Govern It

12. Nationalized Incumbents and Regional Challengers: Opposition-and Incumbent-Party Nationalization in Africa

13. The Prince('s) Rules: Economic Theories and Political Struggle in Europe

14. Three Myths Behind the Case for Grexit: A Destructive Analysis

15. International in Life, National in Death? Banking Nationalism on the Road to Banking Union

16. The political economy of the fisheries sector in Uganda: ruling elites, implementation costs and industry interests

17. Civil Society After Dictatorship: a Comparison of Portugal and Spain, 1970s–1990s

18. The EU in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Powers, Decisions and Legitimacy

19. The Rule of Law in Independent Kosovo

20. Visits of Sovereignty and the articulation of the national and the local in France and Germany on the eve of World War I

21. European Games Institutional Innovation: The Making of Eurojust (1996-2004)

22. Legitimacy in the Multilevel European Polity

23. Italy: the uneasy co-existence of different social models

24. Just and Durable Peace by Piece European Union 7 th Framework Programme

25. Soft Censorship: How Governments Around the Globe Use Money to Manipulate the Media

26. Staatlichkeit und Governance im Zeitalter der europäischen Expansion. Verwaltungsstrukturen und Herrschaftsinstitutionen in den britischen und französischen Kolonialimperien

27. Diffusing (Inter-) Regionalism: The EU as a Model of Regional Integration

28. The Russian World—Changing Meanings and Strategies

29. Constitutional Court and the Closure of Political Parties in Turkey

30. The Grass Is Not Always Greener: A Look at National Health Care Systems Around the World

31. How to Achieve a Better Budget for the European Union?

32. The Other Side of the Moons - The Schengen Information System and Human Rights: A Task for National Courts

33. The European External Action Service: Roadmap for Success

34. Finance and the Macro-economy: The Politics of Regulatory Reform in Europe

35. The Negotiated Nordic Labor Markets: From Bust to Boom

36. Democracy and Human Rights in the European-Asian Dialogue: A Clash of Cooperation Cultures?

37. The External Dimension of EU Justice and Home Affairs: Tools, Processes, Outcomes

38. EU Commercial Policy in a Multipolar Trading System

39. An Italian Strategy for Relaunching the EU Constitutional Treaty

40. Why Did the Communist Party Reform in China, But Not in the Soviet Union? The Political Economy of Agricultural Transition

41. Europeanization and the Retreat of the State

42. The Making of European Private Law: Regulation and Governance design

43. The European Commission as Network Broker

44. Theories and core principles of Dutch democracy

45. Defending the Gains? Transatlantic Responses When Democracy is Under Threat

46. Public Opinion in Ukraine Prior to the 2007 Rada Elections

47. The Italian Stabilization of 1947: Domestic and International Factors

48. Data DNA: The Next Generation of Statistical Metadata

49. A Statistical Analysis of the Quality of Impact Assessment in the European Union

50. Serbia's New Government: Turning from Europe