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1. The OSCE as Sisyphus: Mediation, Peace Operations, Human Rights

2. Ukraine’s Sanctions Against Pro-Russian Oligarch Medvedchuk—All About Oil and Coal

3. Russia’s Iskander Missiles Fail in Karabakh but Cause Crisis in Armenia

4. Turkish-Russian Relations: A Puzzle that Shakes the Middle East

5. Lawfare as part of hybrid wars: The experience of Ukraine in conflict with Russian Federation

6. Deindustrialization and the Postsocialist Mortality Crisis

7. Ukraine and its regions: Societal trends and policy implications

8. The Covid-19 pandemic in Russia: No applause for Putin’s political play?

9. Belarus without Lukashenko: How it became a realistic scenario

10. President Zelensky’s first year leading Ukraine: A case of déjà vu

11. Towards the 2021 Duma election: The Russian opposition needs strong leaders

12. Intersectionality Assessment of Political and Electoral Participation in Ukraine

13. 5G Technologies in Latvia Advance Military Capabilities and National Economy

14. Public Relations and Realities of the Belarusian Crisis

15. Baku’s Success in Using Turkish Drones Raises Question: Could Ukraine Use Them Against Russia in Crimea?

16. The FDI-led Growth Regimes of the East-Central and South-Eastern European Periphery

17. New Directions for EU Civil Society Support: Lessons From Turkey, the Western Balkans, and Eastern Europe

18. The Story of the Open Pension Funds and the Employee Capital Plans in Poland. Will It Succeed This Time?

19. Five Years of War in Donbas

20. Regional elections in Russia: The Kremlin is tackling previous challenges while facing new ones

21. Glitches in the Kremlinʼs politics of Fear: The dynamics of repression in Russia between 2012 and 2019

22. Examining the Impact of E-Procurement in Ukraine

23. Exchange rate pass-through to import prices: Accounting for changes in the Eurozone trade structure

24. The Impact of the State on the Quality of an Economic System: A Cross-Country Analysis

25. Keeping the momentum in European defence collaboration: An early assessment of PESCO implementation

26. Why the Baltics matter. Defending NATO’s North-Eastern border

27. Volodymyr Zelensky’s Sweeping Victories: Is Ukraine’s Turn Toward the West Definite?

28. Why does the IMF assign labor conditions? The Burden of Adjustment, Exchange Rate Regimes, and Labor Conditions

29. Advancing Natural Gas Reform in Ukraine

30. Dancing the Cold War: An International Symposium

31. Theatre operations, high commands and large-scale exercises in Soviet and Russian military practice: insights and implications

32. Modernized Deterrence and Revitalized Dialogue - Adapting the Harmel Report to post-2014 Europe

33. Russia’s National Oil Champion Goes Global

34. Religion and Violence in Russia Context, Manifestations, and Policy

35. Poland, US bases and geopolitical games

36. The Relevance of Financial and Economic Factors for Determining Banking Risk across Europe

37. How Not to Get Stuck in the Middle Lessons for the Commonwealth of Independent States from Central and Eastern Europe

38. First Universal Democratic Elections in Independent Georgia

39. New Report on Abuse of State Resources in Georgia

40. Pervasive Gender-Based Violence in Ukraine

41. The Authoritarian Roots of Russian Expansionism

42. The Rules of Reproduction of Capitalism: A Historicist Critique

43. Transparency and Rule of Law as Key Priorities for Armenia

44. Whither the South Caucasus?

45. Azerbaijan’s Foreign Policy: What Role for the West in the South Caucasus?

46. Welcome Home in a Crisis: Effects of Return Migration on the Non-migrants' Wages and Employment

47. The Islamic State Narrative in Kosovo: Deconstructed one story at a time

48. Neoliberal Policy Implementation Goes Hand in Hand with Stronger Symbolic Boundaries

49. Poland at the Crossroads Between Authoritarianism and Democracy

50. The Search for Stability in Eastern Europe: Policy Options for Canada

51. The rise of the dual labour market: fighting precarious employment in the new member states through industrial relations (PRECARIR) Country report: Croatia

52. IRMO Brief 02/16

53. Global Value Chains or Global Poverty Chains? A new research agenda

54. How Do Non-Democratic Regimes Claim Legitimacy? Comparative Insights from Post-Soviet Countries

55. Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin's War in Ukraine

56. The Hour of Truth: The Conflict in Ukraine–Implications for Europe’s Energy Security and the Lessons for the U.S. Army

57. Project 1704: A U.S. Army War College Analysis of Russian Strategy in Eastern Europe, an Appropriate U.S. Response, and the Implications for U.S. Landpower

58. Non-State Militias and Borderlands in Eastern Ukraine

59. Sustainable Northern Development: The Case For An Arctic Development Bank

60. Post-privatisation Corporate Performance in Poland. Evidence from Companies Privatized in 2008-2011

61. Decoding the Soviet Press by Tom Kent

62. A More European Russia for a More Secure Europe; Proposals for a new European Union strategy towards Russia

63. OSCE Principles in Practice: Testing Their Effect on Security Through the Work of Max van der Stoel, First High Commissioner on National Minorities 1993–2001

64. A Political Economy of Slum Spaces: Mathare Valley

65. The Last Gap of Empire: Russia's Attempts to Control the Media in the Former Soviet Republics

66. Alternative Investment Regimes for Direct Foreign and Domestic Investments in Russian Subsoil

67. Bosnian General Elections of 2010 and the Post-Election Crisis