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14. The Just Transition in Energy

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16. 2019 Guide to Chinese Climate Policy

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21. Managing China’s Petcoke Problem

22. A greener shade of grey: A special report on renewable energy in China

23. CARMA Revisited: An Updated Database of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Power Plants Worldwide

24. The EU's and China's institutional diplomacy in the field of climate change

25. Assessing EU Leadership on Climate Change. The Limits of Diffusion in EU Relations with China and India

26. Delivering Environmentally Sustainable Economic Growth: The Case of China

27. "Getting Beyond Taiwan? Chinese Foreign Policy and PLA Modernization"

28. Quantifying Vulnerability to Climate Change: Implications for Adaptation Assistance

29. Global Energy Markets in a Time of Political Change

30. China—Leader or Laggard on the Path to a Secure, Low-Carbon Energy Future?

31. Who Should Bear the Cost of China's Carbon Emissions Embodied in Goods for Exports?

32. Global Prospects for Utility-Scale Solar Power: Toward Spatially Explicit Modeling of Renewable Energy Systems

33. Navigating Climate Change: An Agenda for U.S.-Chinese Cooperation

34. Energy Innovation: Driving Technology Competition and Cooperation Among the U.S., China, India, and Brazil

35. Trilateral Cooperation in the 21st Century: First Summary Report of the Trialogue21 Initiatve

36. Reconciling Climate Change and Trade Policy

37. Venture Capital Investment in the Greentech Industries: A Provocative Essay

38. Managing Strategic Competition with China

39. Addressing the Leakage/Competitiveness Issue in Climate Change Policy Proposals

40. Climate Commitments to 2050: A Roadmap for China

41. It\'s One Climate Policy World Out There—Almost

42. Reconciling Climate Change and Trade Policy

43. Can Global De-Carbonization Inhibit Developing-Country Industrialization?

44. Towards a new climate regime? Views of China, India, Japan, Russia and the United States in the road to Copenhagen

45. A Roadmap for U.S.-China Collaboration on Carbon Capture and Sequestration

46. U.S.-China Cooperation on Nuclear Power

47. Building on Kyoto: towards a realistic global climate agreement

48. China can grow and still help prevent the tragedy of the carbon dioxide commons

49. Preventing the Tragedy of the CO2 Commons: Exploring China's Growth and the International Climate Framework

50. Changing Climates: Interdependencies on Energy and Climate Security for China and Europe