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1. Follow the money: connecting anti-money laundering systems to disrupt environmental crime in the Amazon

2. Trade Shocks and Social Mobility: The Intergenerational Effect of Import Competition in Brazil

3. The Impact of Robots in Latin America: Evidence from Local Labor Markets

4. Social Policy Expansion and Retrenchment After Latin America’s Commodity Boom

5. Anticompetitive practices on public procurement: Evidence from Brazilian electronic biddings

6. Affirmative action with no major switching: Evidence from a top university in Brazil

7. The Military’s Return to Brazilian Politics

8. Salmonella Program in the European Union and the Trade Dispute with Brazil at the World Trade Organisation: A Partial Equilibrium Framework

9. Partnerships for Policy Transfer: How Brazil and China Engage in Triangular Cooperation with the United Nations

10. Why Brazil Sought Chinese Investments to Diversify Its Manufacturing Economy

11. Inclusion amid ethnic inequality: Insights from Brazil’s social protection system

12. Inventory of data on economic activity and deforestation in the Amazon Basin

13. Connecting the Dots: Territories and Trajectories of Environmental Crime in the Brazilian Amazon and Beyond

14. What Railway Deals Taught Chinese and Brazilians in the Amazon

15. Therapeutic Communities in Brazil

16. Assessing the Economic, Societal and Cultural Benefits of YouTube in Brazil

17. CoronaShock and Education in Brazil: One and a Half Years Later

18. The Challenges Facing Brazil’s Left

19. A critique of geopolitics travelling South: Preface to the Brazilian edition of 'A return of geopolitics in Europe?'

20. Mongolia's Response to Increasing U.S.-China-Russia Rivalry in Asia

21. Data Feast: Enterprises and Personal Data in Latin America

22. Exploring Brazilian foreign policy towards women: dimensions, outcomes, actors and influences

23. CoronaShock and Socialism

24. Youth in Brazil’s Peripheries in the Era of CoronaShock

25. Popular Agrarian Reform and the Struggle for Land in Brazil

26. BRICS and Mortar: New Architecture in Education

27. International Cooperation: Is the Multilateral System Helping?

28. Inflation Targets in Latin America

29. Shared Class as an Electoral Heuristic in Brazil’s Local Elections

30. Natural gas pricing GSA Bolivia: Brazil using virtual hub and expected monetary value instruments

31. A Politics of Hope The Making of Brazil’s Post-Neoliberal New Middle Class

32. The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility: Evidence of Educational Persistence and the "Great Gatsby Curve" in Brazil

33. Does the rise of the middle class disguise existing inequalities in Brazil?

34. Security Forces’ Strategies of Resistance to Transitional Justice

35. Brazil’s Amazon: The Wealth of the Earth Generates the Poverty of Humankind

36. Arabism and its Repercussions: Forms of Solidarity among Syrians in Latin America

37. The Mobilization of Conservative Civil Society

38. Earnings inequality in the Brazilian formal sector: The role of firms, education, and top incomes 1994–2015

39. The Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), Portugal and the future

40. Social Innovation and Higher Education in the BRICS (1): a background overview

41. Social Innovation and Higher Education in the BRICS (2): a multiscalar governance approach with evidence from DESIS Labs

42. The ebbing of the Pink Tide or permanent underdevelopment? Dependency theory meets uneven and combined development

43. Global and Local Challenges in Argentina and Brazil

44. Compliance shocks under low bureaucratic capacity

45. Dossier 5: Lula and The Battle for Democracy