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1. Sign of the Times: How the United Kingdom’s Integrated Review Affects Relations with Africa

2. The Costs of United States’ Post-9/11 “Security Assistance”: How Counterterrorism Intensified Conflict in Burkina Faso and Around the World

3. Opportunities for Danish stabilisation policy to engage with climate- and livelihood-related conflict: New approaches to fragility in the Horn of Africa and Sahel

4. For Mozambique’s government, is radical Islam exclusively a security issue?

5. Conflict Mediation and Peacebuilding in the Sahel: The Role of Maghreb Countries in an African Framework

6. The European Union Training Mission in the Central African Republic: An Assessment

7. Water Politics in Libya: A Crisis of Management, not Scarcity

8. Partial Normalization: Morocco’s Balancing Act

9. The Egypt-Israel Common Strategic Agenda

10. Egyptian Mediation between Israel and Hamas Can Be Useful

11. The Challenges of Governance, Development and Security in the Central Regions of Mali

12. Ethiopia’s Transition: Implications for the Horn of Africa and Red Sea Region

13. Ordinary Shareholders' Rights Protection in Botswana

14. Stability in the time of COVID-19: implications for the Sahel

15. Egypt after the Coronavirus: Back to Square One

16. Gang Relationships in a Black Township in South Africa

17. Paris, Algiers Concerned over Mali’s Transitional Regime

18. Exploring Armed Groups in Libya:

19. Egypt-Jordan-Iraq: Another Middle East Axis in the Making?

20. Climate Security in the Sahel and the Mediterranean: Local and Regional Responses