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1. Why Tunisia’s parliamentary electoral formula needs to be changed

2. How Inequality and Polarization Interact: America’s Challenges Through a South African Lens

3. Partisanship in a young democracy: Evidence from Ghana

4. Estimating the Effect of Christian Messages on Civic Engagement: Evidence from a Community-Collaborative Study in Zambia

5. The Role of Petitions in Strengthening Citizens’ Participation in Morocco: Stakes and Outcomes

6. Hirak and Feminism: An equation with two unknowns

7. Constitutional or Unconstitutional: Is That the Question?

8. Has Tunisia’s Democracy Failed to Convince its Youth? The Slow-Going of Democratic Socialization

9. The “New Algeria” Parliament and the Illusion of Change from Within

10. E-Government and Democracy in Botswana: Jana Bante Felix Helmig Lara Prasad Lea Deborah Scheu Jean Christoph Seipel Helge Senkpiel Markus Geray Armin von Schiller David Sebudubudu Sebastian Ziaja Observational and Experimental Evidence on the Effects of E-Government Usage on Political Attitudes

11. Fake Civil Society: The Rise of Pro-Government NGOs in Nigeria

12. Sudan: Have the Juba and Addis Ababa Agreements Untangled the Dichotomy between Religion and the State?

13. Party footprints in Africa: Measuring local party presence across the continent

14. What the EU Should Do for Democracy Support in Africa: Ten Proposals for a New Strategic Initiative in Times of Polarisation

15. The Impact of COVID-19 on Democratic Elections in Africa

16. Democratic Change and Urbanisation in the Aftermath of the Arab Revolts: Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Cooperation in Local Urban Development in Morocco and Tunisia

17. How Tunisia’s En-Nahda crafts Islamist politics: From programmatic failure to neo-Islamist framing

18. Late to the Party: Russia’s Return to Africa

19. What Drives Religious Politicking?

20. he Democratic Republic of Congo: The Great Electoral Robbery (and how and why Kabila got away with it)