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1. How Inequality and Polarization Interact: America’s Challenges Through a South African Lens

2. Economic Diversification in Africa: How and Why It Matters

3. Climate Finance Mobilization in Uganda: The Most Viable Option

4. Establishing the empirical basis for tracing the development outcomes of agricultural investments

5. Does sensitivity bias lead respondents to misreport their level of trust in political parties? An investigation into Afrobarometer’s survey results and methodology

6. Rumble in the DR Congo: President Tshisekedi is Taking Control

7. Ennahda or the cost of recognition

8. Mechanisms for Governing the Water-Land-Food Nexus in the Lower Awash River Basin, Ethiopia: Ensuring Policy Coherence in the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda

9. Dissecting Aid Fragmentation: Development Goals and Levels of Analysis

10. Stability in the time of COVID-19: implications for the Sahel

11. After the Pandemic: Reimagining the Role of State and Non-State Actors in (Re)building National Health Systems in the Arab World

12. Tunisia Facing COVID-19: To Exceptional Circumstances, Exceptional Measures?

13. Tunisia: New Government, New Dynamics?

14. Tunisia: In Tataouine, Socio-Economic Marginalization Is a Time Bomb

15. Citizen Commitment – How Fragile States in Sub-Saharan Africa can Thrive

16. The Challenges of Governance, Development and Security in the Central Regions of Mali

17. Coordination and Cooperation of Water Management, Nature Conservation and Open Space Development in the Emscher Restoration

18. Assessing Digitalization and Data Governance Issues in Africa

19. Memorandum of Issues on The Amendment to the Local Governments Act, CAP 243

20. The Local Government Councils' Scorecard FY 2018/19: The Next Big Steps; Consolidating Gains of Decentralisation and Repositioning the Local Government Sector in Uganda

21. Creation of New Cities in Uganda: Social Economic and Political Implications

22. Financing Local Governments in Uganda: An Analysis of the Draft National Budget Estimates for FY2020/21 and Proposals for Reallocation

23. Monitoring of Local Government Budgets and Road Transport Services in Quarter II FY 2019/20

24. Assessing Capacities for Local Economic Development in Uganda

25. Public Expenditure Governance in the Roads Sector

26. Step by Step Guidelines for Making Ordinances and Bylaws for Local Governments in Uganda

27. The Performance of the COVID-19 District Task Forces in Uganda: Understanding the Dynamics and Functionality

28. The Performance of the COVID-19 District Task Forces in Uganda: Understanding the Dynamics and Functionality

29. Party footprints in Africa: Measuring local party presence across the continent

30. ECOWAS Mediation in Togo's 2017/2018 Political Crisis: Feats, Deadlocks, and Lessons

31. Exploring Armed Groups in Libya:

32. Capital Flight from South Africa: A Case Study

33. Traditional authority and state legitimacy: Evidence from Namibia

34. What to Make of the Government’s Decision not to Extend its Mission in Mali

35. Climate-related Security Risks and Peacebuilding in Somalia

36. Why “Leapfrogging” in Frontier Markets Isn’t Working

37. Challenges of Project Implementation in Local Government: The Case of Francistown City Council and Kweneng District Council Botswana Institute

38. Migration and the Dislocation of Nigeria’s Social Fabric: The Governance Question

39. Nature versus Human Contrivance: Advancing the Centrality of Poor Governance to Irregular Migration in Africa

40. Niger: A Bulwark against Further Instability in West Africa

41. The Revolution in Civil-Military Affairs

42. Assessing the Growth Potential of Eastern Congo’s Coffee and Cocoa Sectors

43. Financing the Economic Stabilization and Growth Programme (Zambia Plus) in the Shadow of the IMF

44. An Egyptian Autumn?

45. Women’s Empowerment in South Africa: Evaluation of the Raising Her Voice project

46. Working in Partnership With Others: Facilitating Changes in Livelihoods in Rwanda

47. Beyond the Card Reader: Elections Rigging as an Emerging National Security Threat in Nigeria