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1. The Impact of Food Assistance on Pastoralist Livelihoods in Humanitarian Crises: An evidence synthesis protocol

2. Feeding Climate Change: What the Paris Agreement means for food and beverage companies

3. Harmless Harvest: How sustainable agriculture can help ASEAN countries adapt to a changing climate

4. Effective Public Policies and Active Citizenship: Brazil's experience of building a food and nutrition security system

5. Who Wants to Farm? Youth Aspirations, Opportunities and Rising Food Prices

6. Climate Shocks, Food and Nutrition Security: Evidence from the Young Lives cohort study

7. A Sign of Things to Come? Examining four major climate-related disasters, 2010–2013, and their impacts on food security

8. Food prices and how people are eating: Views from 'Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility'

9. Hidden Hunger in South Africa: The faces of hunger and malnutrition in a food-secure nation

10. Climate and Environmental Change: Views from Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility

11. Inequality in South Africa: A two part document on the current understanding and dimensions of inequality in health, gender and livelihoods

12. After the Drought: The 2012 drought, Russian farmers, and the challenges of adapting to extreme weather events

13. Private Investment in Agriculture: Why it's essential, and what's needed

14. Extreme Weather, Extreme Prices: The costs of feeding a warming world

15. Cereal Secrets: The world's largest grain traders and global agriculture

16. Food Crisis in the Horn of Africa: Progress Report, July 2011 - July 2012

17. What Works for Women: Proven approaches for empowering women smallholders and achieving food security

18. Who will feed the World? The production challenge

19. Climate change: Beyond coping. Women smallholder farmers in Tajikistan

20. Growing a Better Future: Food justice in a resource-constrained world

21. Exploring Food Price Scenarios Towards 2030 With a Global Multi-Region Model

22. Governance for a Resilient Food System

23. Combating Rural Poverty and Hunger Through Agroforestry in Bolivia

24. The Struggle for a Pro-Poor Food Policy in Guatemala

25. Improving Food Security for Vulnerable Communities in Nepal

26. Sleeping Lions: Tratados internacionales de inversión, conflictos Estado-inversor y acceso a alimentos, tierra y agua

27. Walking the Talk: Cash transfers and gender dynamics

28. Ethiopia's Sesame Sector: The contribution of different farming models to poverty alleviation, climate resilience and women's empowerment

29. The Impact of Russia's 2010 Grain Export Ban

30. Weathering the Crises, Feeding the Future: Philippine food justice report

31. Investir dans l'agriculture au Burundi: Indispensable pour combattre l'insécurité alimentaire et améliorer les conditions de vie des femmes paysannes