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1. Let's Stop Being Gloomy About Europe

2. Perspectives on EU-India Relations

3. Reverse Balkanisation? Trade Integration in South-East Europe

4. Making EU Trade Agreements Work: The Role of Rules of Origin

5. The Development of European Citizenship and its Relevance to the Integration of Refugees

6. Consumer Credit Rates in the Eurozone: Evidence on the Emergence of a Single Retail Banking Market

7. The Declining Use of Unskilled Labour in Italian Manufacturing: Is Trade to Blame?

8. Shaping Europe's Migration Policy

9. What Are the Limits to Economic Integration?

10. Fiscal Policy Spillovers in the Euro Area: Where Are They?

11. Seigniorage: An Argument for a National Currency?

12. Extending Citizenship Rights to Third Country Nationals

13. What Drove Relative Wages in France? Structural Decomposition Analysis in a General Equilibrium Framework, 1970-92

14. Is the ECB Sufficiently Accountable and Transparent?

15. Maastricht the Choice of Exchange Rate Regime in Transition Countires During the Run-Up to EMU

16. Foreign Direct Investment and Company Taxation in Europe

17. Economic Integration Between the EU and the CEECS: A Sectoral Study

18. Who Needs an Extenal Anchor?

19. What's Trade Got To Do With It? Relative Demand for Skills within Swedish Manufacturing

20. Skill Upgrading and Production Transfer within Swedish Multinationals in the 1990s

21. European Labour Markets and the Euro: How Much Flexibility Do We Really Need?

22. Fiscal Decentralisation Economic Growth in High-Income OECD Countries

23. Asymmetric Labour Markets in a Converging Europe: Do Differences Matter?

24. Trade Jobs in Portugal: A Microeconomic Approach

25. Institutions Structural Unemployment: Do Capital-Market Imperfections Matter?

26. The Changing Nature and Determinants of EU Trade Policies

27. One Size Must Fit All: National Divergences in a Monetary Union

28. The International Trade of Multinational Firms: The Empirical Behaviour of Intrafirm Trade in a Gravity Equation Model

29. Technical Barriers to Trade in the European Union: Importance for Accession Countries

30. Goodbye, Agenda 2000, Hello Agenda 2003: Effects of the Berlin Summit on Own Resources, Expenditures, and EU Net Balances

31. Consumer Credit in the European Union