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1. Trade policy issues in the Wider Europe - that led to war and not yet to peace

2. Remaking Europe's Borders through the European Neighbourhood Policy

3. The United States:A normative power?

4. Schengen:Achievements and Challenges in Managing an Area Encompassing 3.6 million km²

5. Rebranding Russia: Norms, Politics and Power

6. Democracy in the European Union

7. China and India: Implications for the EU Economy

8. The European Union as a Normative Foreign Policy Actor

9. Profiling Normative Foreign Policy: The European Union and its Global Partners

10. EU Policy in the South Causasus: A View from Azerbaijan

11. Is Europe back on track? Impetus from the German EU Presidency

12. Whole, free and integrated? A Transatlantic Perspective on the European Neighbourhood

13. Political Islam in Egypt

14. State Capture and Widespread Corruption in Serbia

15. The EU Border Management Strategy: FRONTEX and the Challenges of Irregular Immigration in the Canary Islands

16. Legal Immigration: Time for Europe to Play its Hand

17. Perspectives on EU-India Relations

18. Reverse Balkanisation? Trade Integration in South-East Europe

19. Foreign Investment in the US (I): Disappearing in a black hole?

20. Foreign Investment in the US (II): BEING TAKEN TO THE CLEANERS?

21. Ukraine and the European Neighbourhood Policy: Ensuring the Free Movement of Goods and Services

22. Moldova's Convergence with the Acquis - A Pro-Growth and Pro-Integration Strategy

23. Impact of Public R Financing on Employment

24. Update on the Ratification Debates: What Prospects for the European Constitutional Treaty? Results of and EPIN Survey of National Experts

25. Speed of Convergence and Relocation: New EU Member Countries Catching up with the Old

26. Financial Consequences of Widowhood in Europe: Cross-Country and Gender Differences

27. Integration and Conditional Convergence in the Enlarged EU Area

28. Scenarios for Modelling Trade Policy Effects on the Multifunctionality of European Agriculture

29. What Prospects for the European Constitutional Treaty? - Monitoring the Ratification Debates

30. Has Trade any Importance in the Transmission of Currency Shocks?