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1. Programming Brexit: How will the UK’s IT sector fare?

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8. Trade policy issues in the Wider Europe - that led to war and not yet to peace

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11. Trade policy issues in the Wider Europe – that led to war and not yet to peace

12. ECB Policy and Eurozone Fragility: Was De Grauwe Right?

13. Extending Working Life in Finland

14. Extending Working Life in Belgium

15. Proposal for a Stabilisation Fund for the EMU

16. Economic Policy Coordination in the Economic and Monetary Union: From Maastricht via the SGP to the Fiscal Pact

17. When do adults learn? A cohort analysis of adult education in Europe

18. The EU and Brazil: Partnering in an uncertain world?

19. Public and Private Regulation: Mapping the Labyrinth

20. Shale Gas and the EU Internal Gas Market: Beyond the Hype and Hysteria

21. What Germany should fear most is its own fear: An analysis of Target2 and current account imbalances

22. Regulatory Quality in the European Commission and the UK: Old questions and new findings

23. Mispricing of Sovereign Risk and Multiple Equilibria in the Eurozone

24. Eschewing Choice: Ukraine's Strategy on Russia and the EU

25. Escaping the Vicious Cycle of Poverty: Towards Universal Access to Energy

26. Self-Fulfilling Crises in the Eurozone: An Empirical Test

27. Russian Foreign Policy: What is not seen from the Kremlin

28. A European Deposit Insurance and Resolution Fund

29. A simple model of multiple equilibria and sovereign default