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1. Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis: 6 Opportunities to Strengthen Conflict Sensitivity across the HumanitarianDevelopment-Peacebuilding Nexus

2. Looking Ahead: Trends and Solutions for 2022

3. Blowback from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

4. Good Peacebuilding Financing: Recommendations for Revitalizing Commitments

5. Recent UN Votes on Ukraine: What Needs to be Done to Maintain International Unity (Part I)

6. Gulf States and Peacebuilding: Key Characteristics, Dynamics, and Opportunities

7. Learning from COVID-19: How to make care central to economic policy around the world

8. A “Hidden Front” in the Battle Against COVID-19: How Behavioral Data is Helping Contain the Pandemic and Improve Policy

9. Linkages between Inequality, Exclusion, and the Occurrence of Elections with Protest Activity Against Governments

10. State Capture and Inequality

11. Mental Health and Psychosocial Support to Sustain Peace: Four Areas to Explore for Improving Practice

12. Recognizing Communities: Local Level Responses to the Pathfinders Grand Challenges

13. Inequality, Lockdown, and COVID-19: Unequal Societies Struggle to Contain the Virus

14. Introducing the Mind-the-Gap Index: A tool to understand urban spatial inequality

15. Solidarity Taxes in the Context of Economic Recovery Following the COVID-19 Pandemic

16. The Way We Voluntarily Pay Taxes

17. Inclusive COVID-19 Relief Finance

18. Shared Capital Initiatives – for Redistribution and Recognition

19. Social Contracts: A Pathway for More Inclusive Societies

20. Social Contracts: Embracing a Just Technological and Energy Transition

21. Employment Transitions

22. Food for Thought – Talking Points on Food Prices

23. Population Movements, COVID-19, and Conflict Risk

24. Operationalizing the Prevention Agenda: Three Recommendations for the Peacebuilding Architecture Review

25. COVID-19, Election Governance, and Preventing Electoral Violence

26. COVID-19 has a postcode: How urban housing and spatial inequality are shaping the COVID-19 crisis

27. From the Global to the Local: Leveraging International Engagement to Advance Justice at Home

28. Technology and the Future of Work

29. The Just Transition in Energy

30. Beneficial Ownership: The Global State of Play

31. The Prevention Agenda: Mapping Out Member States’ Concerns

32. Challenge Paper: Inequality and Exclusion

33. Keeping or Building Peace? The Challenges of Solving Armed Intra-state Conflicts

34. The Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals: a historic opportunity

35. Why Europe must stop outsourcing its security

36. If Not Now, When? Ending Violence Against the World's Children

37. The Laboratory of Development: The Impact of Social Policies on Children in Latin America and the Caribbean

38. Not Just in Transit: Drugs, the State and Society in West Africa

39. Pathways to Security Council Reform

40. Fueling a New Order? The New Geopolitical and Security Consequences of Energy

41. Ensuring Stable and Peaceful Societies: Memo to H.E. John W. Ashe, President of the General Assembly

42. Building EU-UN Coherence in Mission Planning & Mandate Design

43. UN Peacekeeping: The Next Five Years

44. The International Role in Libya's Transition

45. Beyond the Millennium Development Goals Agreeing to a Post-2015 Development Framework

46. Contracting the Commanders: Transition and the Political Economy of Afghanistan's Private Security Industry

47. Resources, risk and resilience: scarcity and climate change in Ethiopia

48. The Use of Force, Crisis Diplomacy and the Responsibilities of States

49. Security Council Working Methods and UN Peace Operations: The Case of Chad and the Central African Republic, 2006-2010

50. Preparing for a Constructive 2012 Conference on the Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone