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1. Finishing Strong: Seeking a Proper Exit from Afghanistan

2. Preventing Catastrophe in Afghanistan

3. Tell Me How This Ends: Military Advice, Strategic Goals, and the “Forever War” in Afghanistan

4. Creating a Real Peace in Afghanistan

5. ‘Peace’ in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen

6. The State of the Fighting in the Afghan War in Mid-2019

7. The Civil Challenges to Peace in Afghanistan

8. Iraq After ISIS: The Other Half of Victory Dealing with the Civil Dimension

9. Terrorism: U.S. Strategy and the Trends in Its “Wars” on Terrorism

10. Transition in Afghanistan: Losing the Forgotten War?

11. Afghanistan after the Drawdown

12. The Challenges to Transition in Afghanistan: 2014-2015

13. Pakistan and Afghanistan: International Indicators of Progress

14. Security Transition in Afghanistan

15. The Civil Transition in Afghanistan: 2014-2016

16. Losing the "Forgotten War" The U.S. Strategic Vacuum in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia

17. A Key Update: Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition: Sharply Contradictory Data on Levels of Violence

18. The Civil Transition in Afghanistan: The Metrics of Crisis?

19. Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition - Volume I Introduction, US Policy, and Cuts in US Forces and Spending

20. Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition–IV: Progress in Afghan Force Development

21. Afghanistan: Meeting the Real World Challenges of Transition

22. Trends in Militancy across South Asia

23. US AND IRANIAN STRATEGIC COMPETITION: The Impact of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Central Asia

24. Changing US Security Strategy: The Search for Stability and the "Non-War" against "Non-Terrorism"

25. Transition in Afghanistan: 2009-2013

26. The Afghan War: Creating the Economic Conditions and Civil-Military Aid Efforts Needed For Transition

27. The FY2013 Defense Budget, Deficits, Cost-Escalation, and Sequestration

28. China and Afghanistan: China's Interests, Stances, and Perspectives

29. The FY2013 Defense Budget, Sequestration, and the Growing Strategy-Reality Gap

30. Religious Movements, Militancy, and Conflict in South Asia: cases from india, pakistan, and afghanistan

31. Religion and Militancy in Pakistan and Afghanistan

32. Afghanistan from 2012-2014: Is A Successful Transition Possible?

33. The FY2013 Defense Budget, the Threat of Defense Cuts and Sequestration and the Strategy-Reality Gap

34. The US Cost of the Afghan War: FY2002-FY2013: Cost in Military Operating Expenditures and Aid, and Prospects for "Transition."