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1. Americans on War Powers, Authorization for Use of Military Force and Arms Sales: A National Survey of Registered Voters

2. What the First Week of Fighting in Ukraine Tells Us About a Potential Insurgency

3. Iranian Public Opinion at the Start of the Biden Administration: Report

4. US-Russian Contention in Cyberspace: Are Rules of the Road Necessary or Possible?

5. Takeaways From a Time of Increased Friction: South Korea-Japan Security Cooperation From 2015 to Present

6. Iranian Public Opinion At the Start of the Raisi Administration

7. Restoring and Improving Nuclear Forensics to Support Attribution and Deterrence

8. An Effect-Centric Approach to Assessing the Risks of Cyber Attacks Against the Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems at Nuclear Power Plants

9. Understanding Climate-Security Risks: A Mechanism-based Approach

10. Artificial Intelligence and Strategic Trade Controls

11. Increasing Nuclear Threats through Strategic Missile Defense

12. nnovation and Its Discontents: National Models of Military Innovation and the Dual-Use Conundrum

13. Double or Nothing?
 The Effects of the Diffusion of Dual-Use Enabling Technologies on Strategic Stability

14. The Common Ground of the American People: Policy Positions Supported by Both Democrats and Republicans

15. Alternative Approaches to Information-Age Dilemmas Drive U.S. and Russian Arguments about Interference in Domestic Political Affairs

16. Emerging Technologies and Trade Controls: A Sectoral Composition Approach

17. Iranian Public Opinion under “Maximum Pressure”

18. Fissile Materials Security in Civilian Facilities

19. A Russian View of the U.S. INF Withdrawal

20. An Effects-Centric Approach to Assessing Cybersecurity Risk

21. Can Non-State Actors Help to Overcome Barriers to State Cooperation? The Case of Global Climate Governance

22. North Korea’s Shift to Diplomacy in 2018: A Result of U.S. Pressure or North Korean Security Calculus?

23. China on Arms Control, Nonproliferation, and Strategic Stability

24. China’s evolving nuclear 
export control regime

25. Do as I Say, and as I Do: 
Chinese Leadership in Nuclear Security

26. The NATO/US-Turkey-Russia Strategic Triangle: Challenges Ahead

27. Future Challenges for Israel’s Iron Dome Rocket Defenses

28. Classifying Cyber Events: A Proposed Taxonomy

29. Building Confidence in the Cybersphere: A Path to Multilateral Progress

30. Arms Control as Uncertainty Management

31. Will North Korea Denuclearize after the Singapore Summit? Lessons from the past

32. Forwarding Multilateral Space Governance: Next Steps for the International Community

33. The Militarization of the Arctic is Not Certain

34. Civil Society and Civil War Onset: 
What is the Relationship?