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1. Fuel Subsidy Reform and Green Taxes: Can Digital Technologies Improve State Capacity and Effectiveness?

2. The California REDD+ Experience: The Ongoing Political History of California's Initiative to Include Jurisdictional REDD+ Offsets within Its Cap-and-Trade System

3. Two Global Challenges, One Solution: International Cooperation to Combat Climate Change and Tropical Deforestation

4. Climate Policy Constraints and NGO Entrepreneurship: The Story of Norway's Leadership in REDD+ Financing

5. The Value of Forest Ecosystem Services to Developing Economies

6. Who Pollutes? A Household-Level Database of America's Greenhouse Gas Footprint

7. Trading Forests: Quantifying the Contribution of Global Commodity Markets to Emissions from Tropical Deforestation

8. Why Maintaining Tropical Forests Is Essential and Urgent for a Stable Climate

9. Planning for Large-Scale Wind and Solar Power in South Africa: Identifying Cost-Effective Deployment Strategies Using Spatiotemporal Modeling

10. Energizing Rio+20: How the United States Can Promote Sustainable Energy for All at the 2012 Earth Summit

11. Energy+ Country Performance Ratings, 2001–2010

12. Direct Distribution of Oil Revenues in Venezuela: A Viable Alternative?

13. Fair Shares: Crediting Poor Countries for Carbon Mitigation

14. Oil to Cash: Fighting the Resource Curse through Cash Transfers

15. Concentrating Solar Power in China and India: A Spatial Analysis of Technical Potential and the Cost of Deployment

16. Less Smoke, More Mirrors: Where India Really Stands on Solar Power and Other Renewables

17. Global Prospects for Utility-Scale Solar Power: Toward Spatially Explicit Modeling of Renewable Energy Systems

18. Confronting the American Divide on Carbon Emissions Regulation

19. It\'s One Climate Policy World Out There—Almost

20. Energy Needs and Efficiency, Not Emissions: Re-framing the Climate Change Narrative

21. Biofuels and the Food Price Crisis: A Survey of the Issues

22. Crossroads at Mmamabula: Will the World Bank Choose the Clean Energy Path?

23. Desert Power: The Economics of Solar Thermal Electricity for Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East