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1. International Development Cooperation After Brexit

2. Learning Equity Requires More than Equality: Learning Goals and Achievement Gaps between the Rich and the Poor in Five Developing Countries

3. A Short-Sighted Vision for Global Britain

4. Why “Leapfrogging” in Frontier Markets Isn’t Working

5. Making Basel III Work for Emerging Markets and Developing Economies

6. Downsizing Defense in Development: Unpacking DOD’s Development Assistance

7. Does the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Help or Hinder Financial Inclusion? A Study of FATF Mutual Evaluation Reports

8. Understanding the Opportunity Cost, Seizing the Opportunity: Report of the Working Group on Incorporating Economics and Modelling in Global Health Goals and Guidelines

9. World Bank Financing to Support Refugees and Their Hosts: Recommendations for IDA19

10. Transforming the Institutional Landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa: Considerations for Leveraging Africa’s Research Capacity to Achieve Socioeconomic Development

11. Marginal, Not Transformational: Development Finance Institutions and the Sustainable Development Goals

12. Teacher Professional Development around the World: The Gap between Evidence and Practice

13. Multilingual Assessment of Early Child Development: Analyses from Repeated Observations of Children in Kenya

14. What Is “Country Ownership”? A Formal Exploration of the Aid Relationship

15. Development Impact Bonds Targeting Health Outcomes

16. The International Development Finance Club and the Sustainable Development Goals

17. UK Aid Quality Indicators

18. Do Age-of-Marriage Laws Work? Evidence from a Large Sample of Developing Countries

19. Guarantees, Subsidies, or Paying for Success? Choosing the Right Instrument to Catalyze Private Investment in Developing Countries

20. Philanthropy, Welfare Capitalism or Radically Different Global Economic Model: What Would It Take to End Global Poverty within a Generation Based on Historical Growth Patterns?

21. Guarantees, Subsidies, or Paying for Success? Choosing the Right Instruments to Catalyze Private Investment in Developing Countries

22. The Political Economy of Bad Data: Evidence from African Survey Administrative Statistics

23. How Has the Developing World Changed since the Late 1990s? A Dynamic and Multidimensional Taxonomy of Developing Countries

24. Costing a Data Revolution

25. What Drives Deforestation and What Stops It? A Meta-Analysis of Spatially Explicit Econometric Studies

26. The Health Financing Transition: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical Evidence

27. Rethinking the Financial Design of the World Bank

28. The Median Is the Message: A Good-Enough Measure of Material Well-Being and Shared Development Progress

29. Development as Diffusion: Manufacturing Productivity and Sub-Saharan Africa's Missing Middle

30. To Charge or Not to Charge: Evidence from a Health Products Experiment in Uganda

31. HIV/AIDS Intervention Packages in Five Countries: A Review of Budget Data

32. Is Anyone Listening? Does US Foreign Assistance Target People's Top Priorities?

33. Savings by and for the Poor: A Research Review and Agenda

34. Primary Schooling, Student Learning, and School Quality in Rural Bangladesh

35. The Geography of Inequality: Where and by How Much Has Income Distribution Changed since 1990?

36. Estimating Income / Expenditure Differences across Populations: New Fun with Old Engel's Law

37. Can Results-Based Payments Reduce Corruption?

38. The New Transparency in Development Economics: Lessons from the Millennium Villages Controversy

39. What's Wrong with Dodd-Frank 1502? Conflict Minerals, Civilian Livelihoods, and the Unintended Consequences of Western Advocacy

40. Energy+ Country Performance Ratings, 2001–2010

41. Where Will the World's Poor Live? An Update on Global Poverty and the New Bottom Billion

42. The Buoyant Billions: How "Middle Class" Are the New Middle Classes in Developing Countries? (And Why Does It Matter?)

43. Migration and Disaster-Induced Displacement: European Policy, Practice, and Perspective

44. Declining Inequality in Latin America in the 2000s: The Cases of Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

45. Hoping to Win, Expected to Lose: Theory and Lessons on Microenterprise Development

46. The Impact of Taxes and Social Spending on Inequality and Poverty in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru: A Synthesis of Results

47. Europe Beyond Aid: Assessing Europe's Commitment to Development

48. How Much Does Natural Resource Extraction Really Diminish National Wealth? The Implications of Discovery

49. An Index of the Quality of Official Development Assistance in Health

50. Remittances and Rashomon

51. FCPR–Forest Conservation Performance Rating for the Pan-Tropics

52. The Global Financial Crisis: The Beginning of the End of the "Development" Agenda?

53. The Negative Consequences of Overambitious Curricula in Developing Countries

54. Value for Money in Malaria Programming: Issues and Opportunities

55. Incentives for Life: Cash-on-Delivery Aid for Tobacco Control in Developing Countries

56. Energizing Rio+20: How the United States Can Promote Sustainable Energy for All at the 2012 Earth Summit

57. Supporting Private Business Growth in African Fragile States: A Guiding Framework for the World Bank Group in South Sudan and Other Nations

58. The Quality of Official Development Assistance Assessment 2009: Is Aid Quality Improving?

59. Adolescent Fertility in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Effects and Solutions

60. MDGs 2.0: What Goals, Targets, and Timeframe?

61. Competitiveness in Central America: The Road to Sustained Growth and Poverty Reduction

62. No Longer Poor: Ghana's New Income Status and Implications of Graduation from IDA

63. Escaping Capability Traps through Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA)

64. Assessing the Quality of Aid for Agriculture

65. A Commitment to Vaccination Index: Measuring Government Progress toward Global Immunization

66. The Evolution of India's UID Program: Lessons Learned and Implications for Other Developing Countries

67. TrAid+ Channeling Development Assistance to Results

68. IDA at 65: Heading Toward Retirement or a Fragile Lease on Life?

69. A Green Venture Fund to Finance Clean Technology for Developing Countries

70. The Post-Washington Consensus: Development after the Crisis

71. Failed States, Vicious Cycles, and a Proposal

72. GAVI's Future: Steps to Build Strategic Leadership, Financial Sustainability, and Better Partnerships

73. New SME Financial Access Initiatives: Private Foundations' Path to Donor Partnerships

74. Cash at Your Fingertips: Biometric Technology for Transfers in Developing and Resource-Rich Countries

75. The Best Things in Life are (Nearly) Free: Technology, Knowledge and Global Health

76. The Future of Development Finance

77. Find Me the Money: Financing Climate and Other Global Public Goods

78. Constraints to Domestic Enterprise Financing in Post-Conflict Liberia

79. Fair Shares: Crediting Poor Countries for Carbon Mitigation

80. The Health Systems Funding Platform: Resolving Tensions between the Aid and Development Effectiveness Agendas

81. Globalization, Wages, and Working Conditions: A Case Study of Cambodian Garment Factories

82. Better Factories Cambodia: An Instrument for Improving Industrial Relations in a Transnational Context

83. Incentive Proliferation? Making Sense of a New Wave of Development Programs

84. Scholars Who Became Practitioners

85. Zap It to Me: The Short-Term Impacts of a Mobile Cash Transfer Program

86. The Commander's Emergency Response Program in Afghanistan: Five Practical Recommendations

87. Unity in Diversity: A Global Consensus on Choosing the IMF's Managing Director: Evidence from CGD's Online Survey

88. Iraq's Last Window: Diffusing the Risks of a Petro-State

89. Brave New World: A Literature Review of Emerging Donors and the Changing Nature of Foreign Assistance

90. Publishing Construction Contracts as a Tool for Efficiency and Good Governance

91. Global Health and the New Bottom Billion: What Do Shifts in Global Poverty and the Global Disease Burden Mean for GAVI and the Global Fund?

92. Dial "A" for Agriculture: A Review of Information and Communication Technologies for Agricultural Extension in Developing Countries

93. The High Return to Private Schooling in a Low-Income Country

94. More Money or More Development: What Have the MDGs Achieved?

95. Overselling Broadband: A Critique of the Recommendation of the Broadband Commission for Digital Development

96. How Can Bill and Melinda Gates Increase Other People\'s Donations to Fund Public Goods?

97. Oil to Cash: Fighting the Resource Curse through Cash Transfers

98. Where Have All the Donors Gone? Scarce Donor Funding for Non-Communicable Diseases

99. Quantifying Vulnerability to Climate Change: Implications for Adaptation Assistance

100. The End of ODA (II): The Birth of Hypercollective Action