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1. Moldova Cybersecurity Governance Assessment

2. Pakistan Security Report 2021

3. Sanctions, Economic Statecraft, and Venezuela’s Crisis

4. Environmental Protection and Climate Change Budgets of Metropolitan Municipalities: An Assessment For 2021

5. Youth, Peace, and Security in Iraq: Operationalizing Youth Peacebuilding Priorities in Practice

6. The Persistence of QAnon in the Post-Trump Era: An Analysis of Who Believes the Conspiracies

7. Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure in Kosovo

8. Citizens perceptions of integrity of public institutions in Kosovo

9. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from State-Owned Enterprises: A Preliminary Inventory

10. U.S.-China Technological “Decoupling”: A Strategy and Policy Framework

11. A Path to Peace

12. Afghan Peace and Reconciliation

13. Perspectives From Pakistan on Afghan Peace and Reconciliation

14. Countering Violent Extremism on Campuses A Faculty-Oriented Policy Brief

15. Making Sense of Pakistani Youth How Youth in Pakistan View State, Society, Religion, and Politics

16. Interfaith Relations in Pakistan Perspectives and Worldview of Youth in Punjab

17. Afghan Peace and Reconciliation: Pakistan’s Interests and Policy Options II

18. After Xi: Future Scenarios for Leadership Succession in Post-Xi Jinping Era

19. Gen Z's Role in Shaping the Digital Economy

20. Integrating Mental Health and Psychosocial Support into Transitional Justice in The Gambia: Practitioner Perspectives

21. Towards an African Approach to Transitional Justice: Report on the Second African Transitional Justice Forum

22. The State of Transitional Justice in Africa: Report on the Third African Transitional Justice Forum

23. Mitigating the risk of a China–India conflict

24. Exfiltrate, encrypt, extort

25. An Australian DARPA to turbocharge universities’ national security research: securely managed Defence-funded research partnerships in Five-Eyes universities

26. Digital government services. Building for peak demand.

27. 'Lead me to the harbour!': Plotting Darwin Harbour's future course

28. Losing our agnosticism. How to make Australia’s foreign influence laws work

29. Influence for hire. The Asia-Pacific’s online shadow economy

30. ANZUS at 70: the past, present and future of the alliance

31. Buying and selling extremism

32. ASPI - Embassy of Japan 1.5 Track Dialogue on Responsible Behaviour in Space

33. Deterrence through denial: A strategy for an era of reduced warning time

34. The cost of Defence ASPI defence budget brief 2021–2022

35. Collaborative nation building: Port of Townsville case study

36. Mapping China's Tech Giants: Reining in China’s technology giants

37. Mapping China's Tech Giants: Supply chains & the global data collection ecosystem

38. What if …? Economic consequences for Australia of a US-China conflict over Taiwan

39. To deter the PRC …

40. France’s Indo-Pacific Strategy and its overseas territories in the Indian and Pacific oceans: Characteristics, capabilities, constraints and avenues for deepening the Franco-Australian strategic partnership

41. The rapidly emerging crisis on our doorstep

42. Island voices and Covid-19: Vulnerability and resilience Views from The Strategist

43. The impact of quantum technologies on secure communications

44. Gamechanger: Australian leadership for all-season air access to Antarctica

45. Cracking the missile matrix

46. Somebody might hear us: Emerging communications security technologies

47. Stronger Together: US force posture in Australia’s north—a US perspective on Australia’s strategic geography

48. Family De-planning: The Coercive Campaign to Drive Down Indigenous Birth-rates in Xinjiang

49. An Australian strategy for the quantum revolution

50. North of 26 degrees south and the security of Australia: Views from The Strategist Volume 3

51. Leaping across the ocean: The port operators behind China's naval expansion

52. Trigger warning. The CCP’s coordinated information effort to discredit the BBC

53. Coming ready or not: Hypersonic weapons

54. 'High rollers' A study of criminal profits along Australia’s heroin and methamphetamine supply chains

55. Strange bedfellows on Xinjiang: The CCP, fringe media and US social media platforms

56. Counterterrorism Yearbook 2021

57. Next step in the step up: The ADF's role in building health security in Pacific Island states

58. The Socio-Psychological Dynamics of Conspiracy Theories: Is “Q” a Warning Sign for the Future?

59. A Scoping Study of CSVR's Work with Gender and Gender-Based Violence

60. Youth Inclusion in Socio-Economic and Livelihood Programmes: Potential for Fostering Social Cohesion and Violence Prevention in East and Southern Africa

61. Governance, Social Policy, and Political Economy: Trends in Norway’s Partner Countries

62. Reviewing Jihadist Governance in the Sahel

63. Broadening Opportunities for Study Abroad: U.S. Government Funded Scholarship Programs

64. The Rise of Remote Global Internships: Promising Practices and the Implications for Career Readiness

65. To Rescue Scholars is to Rescue the Future

66. A Commitment to Building a Global Generation: The Five-Year Impact of IIE’s Generation Study Abroad Initiative

67. COVID-19 Effects on US Higher Education Campuses Report 4

68. International Student Mobility Flows and COVID-19 Realities

69. Economic Value of Peace 2021: Measuring the global economic impact of violence and conflict

70. Global Peace Index 2021: Measuring peace in a complex world

71. Business & Peace 2021

72. Mexico Peace Index 2021: Identifying and measuring the factors that drive peace

73. China's Belt and Road: Implications for the United States

74. Congressional Perspectives on U.S. Policy Toward North Korea and Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula

75. Digital Technologies, Peacebuilding and Civil Society

76. Wartime Violence, Collective Grievances and Post-Conflict Protests

77. Reviving and Reorienting Growth after the Pandemic: The Role of Local Infrastructure Investments

78. Obscure but Powerful: Shaping U.S. Immigration Policy through Attorney General Referral and Review

79. Veteran Disability Compensation and the Army Profession: Good Intentions Gone Awry

80. Afghanistan Study Group Final Report: A Pathway for Peace in Afghanistan

81. North Korea in Africa: Historical Solidarity, China’s Role, and Sanctions Evasion

82. Mobilization, Negotiation, and Transition in Burkina Faso

83. “No Going Backward”: Afghanistan’s Post–Peace Accord Security Sector

84. Extending Constitutional Rights to Pakistan’s Tribal Areas

85. Conflict and Crisis in South Sudan’s Equatoria

86. Enhancing U.S.-China Strategic Stability in an Era of Strategic Competition

87. Proportionate Deterrence: A Model Nuclear Posture Review

88. The Foreign Relations of Islamist Movements

89. The art of making friends. How the Chinese Communist Party seduces political parties in Latin America

90. An International Perspective on Observing US Elections

91. Curbing Illicit Financial Flows to Pay for Sustainable Development and COVID-19 Recovery

92. The View of the Coup from the Camp: Myanmar’s Emergent Trans-Ethnic Solidarity

93. Putin Prioritizes Syria. Biden Should Too.

94. “Police Do Not Protect Me, My Female Friends Do”: Police Repression against Feminists in Mexico

95. Indigenous Peoples and Climate Justice in the Arctic

96. Climate Change and International Migration: The Role of Foreign Aid

97. Stemming the Flow: The United States Needs a Strategy to Address China’s Strategic Exportation of Digital Authoritarianism

98. A Very Ethiopian Tragedy: Tigray, the TPLF, and Cyclical History

99. Poles Waive the Rainbow Flag in “LGBTQI+-free zones”

100. The Overseen Factors Impacting the Afghan Peace Process