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1. AI and International Stability: Risks and Confidence-Building Measures

2. Dialogue with Russia: Russia Needs to Reset Relations with the West

3. So Far, Yet So Close: Japanese and Estonian Cybersecurity Policy Perspectives and Cooperation

4. Israel-Africa Relations: What Can We Learn from the Netanyahu Decade?

5. OK, Boomer: Youth Hesitant to Use Force, Shun US Exceptionalism in Foreign Policy

6. The impact of COVID-19 on the performance of peace operations

7. 2019: A Changing International Order? Implications for the Security Environment

8. Reclamation: A Cultural Policy for Arab-Israeli Partnership

9. Majority of Americans Oppose Expanding US-Mexico Wall

10. Energy Geopolitics in 2019

11. Social Capital between State and Society in Morocco: An Outside-in Reflection

12. Global Compact for Migration: Security Constraints versus Humanitarian Morality in the Case of Morocco

13. Do Trump’s Sanctions on Iran Fulfill Their Objectives?

14. An Implementation Guide for National Human Rights Institutions

15. A Guide to Election Observer Policies in the United States

16. Political Entrepreneurship in International Peace Mediation

17. UN Reforms—A Major Step Forward January 1, but Some Challenges Still to Overcome

18. Innovative Finance to Sustain Peace: Mapping Ideas

19. Pushing the boundaries: How to create more effective migration cooperation across the Mediterranean

20. Strength In Numbers

21. The Avoidable War: Reflections on U.S.-China Relations and the End of Strategic Engagement

22. Understanding China’s Rise Under Xi Jinping

23. Xi Jinping, China, and the Global Order: The Significance of China’s 2018 Central Foreign Policy Work Conference

24. NATO at Seventy: Filling NATO’s Critical Defense-Capability Gaps

25. Ecology Meets Geopolitics

26. How Can NATO Contribute to Regional Cooperation in the Field of Training and Education?

27. Grading China’s Belt and Road

28. New Voices in Grand Strategy

29. Intelligence Oversight Priorities for the 116th Congress

30. Maintaining America’s Coercive Economic Strength

31. The Influence of Commercial Space Capabilities on Deterrence

32. Contested Spaces A Renewed Approach to Southeast Asia

33. Negotiating With North Korea

34. Understanding China's AI Strategy

35. A Realistic Path for Progress on Iran

36. Financial Networks of Mass Destruction

37. Rethinking Requirements and Risk in the New Space Age

38. Mainstreaming Natural Capital Valuation

39. Preparing for Climate Intervention Decision Making in the Global South: A Role for Canada and India

40. Making Terrestrial Geoengineering Technologies Viable: An Opportunity for India-Canada Climate Leadership

41. Partnering for Prosperity: India-Canada Collaboration to Curb Digital Black Markets

42. Opportunities for Cooperative Cyber Security

43. Una buena política exterior contribuye a una buena política interior

44. The Unsustainability of ISIS Detentions in Syria

45. Libyan crisis reshuffles traditional alliances

46. To Close the Rifts, Leadership is Needed

47. Arab Voting in the 21st Knesset Elections

48. Military or Civilian Rule? The Struggle for the Future of Sudan

49. Turkey's Diaspora Policy and the "DİTİB" Challenge

50. The Oil Market Swings: Shale and Geo-politics

51. Conspiracy Theory Culture in Turkey and the "Crypto-Jews": Dönmes

52. China: Economy, Energy and the Middle East

53. Morocco’s pro-active diplomacy, two years after (re)joining the African Union

54. Massive and Misunderstood: Data-Driven Insights into National Oil Companies

55. Resource Governance Index: From Legal Reform to Implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa

56. SETA Security Radar | Turkey’s Security Landscape in 2019

57. Interfactional dynamics and the future of Idlib

58. La Política Exterior de Estados Unidos Un atardecer desfigurado

59. La Estrategia Global de la Unión Europea. Asomándose al Precipicio

60. Estrategia de Seguridad Nacional 2013. Un pavimento deslizante

61. La Unión Europea y el Magreb. Reestructurando un imaginario

62. The post-caliphate Salafi-jihadi environment

63. The threats to the European Union’s economic sovereignty

64. Redefining Europe’s economic sovereignty

65. A strategic agenda for the new EU leadership

66. China and the world trade organisation: towards a better fit

67. Effectiveness of cohesion policy: learning from the project characteristics that produce the best results

68. How to improve European Union cohesion policy for the next decade

69. Europe – the global centre for excellent research

70. Estimating the cost of capital for wind energy investments in Turkey

71. Refocus the European Union: Planet, Lifetime, Technology

72. Geopolitics, Sanctions, and Russian Sovereign Debt Since the Annexation of Crimea

73. Anatomy of a Muddle: U.S. Sanctions against Rusal and Oleg Deripaska

74. Ibrahim Nasarallah's Palestine Comedies: Liberating the Nation Form

75. Richard Falk: "Citizen Pilgrim" In the role of UN Rapporteur

76. U.S Recognition of Golan Heights Annexation: Testament to Our Times

77. BDS Supression Attempts in Germany Backfire

78. US-Turkey Tense Relations and Their Possible Influence on Regional Security

79. Post-Crimea Shift in EU-Russia Relations: From Fostering Interdependence to Managing Vulnerabilities

80. To the Seas Again Maritime Defence and Deterrence in the Baltic Region

81. Going Past Monopoly: Developing a Balanced Baltic Sea Regional Gas Market

82. Contemporary Deterrence – Insights and Lessons from Enhanced Forward Presence

83. Challenge Paper: Inequality and Exclusion

84. Data for Peace and Security

85. Innovative Social Protection

86. Creating Political Space for Fiscal Compromises: How to Build Consensus Around Progressive Taxation and Spending

87. Nationally Led Prevention: Practical Examples of Approaches to Risk and Resilience

88. Rebuilding Common Ground: An Agenda for 21st Century Democratic Health and Resilience

89. An Ambiguous Election: Tshisekedi’s First 100 Days in Office

90. What’s Good for Women and Girls can be Good for Men and Boys

91. The Western Balkans Counter-Serious Crime initiative

92. Rethinking the European Union-Western Balkans cooperation on fighting organised crime in light of new challenges brought by the migration crisis

93. Tourism Across Borders in Israel/Palestine

94. Learning from Success in Climate-Informed Decision-Making: Case Studies Across the Three Regions

95. Now I Know my ABCs: U.S.-China Policy on AI, Big Data, and Cloud Computing

96. U.S.-China Trilateral Aid Cooperation: Features, Prospects, and Recommendations

97. Joko Widodo’s Re-Election and Indonesia’s Domestically Anchored Foreign Policy

98. Taoboa Villages: Rural E-Commerce and Low End Manufacturing in China

99. Australia's Approach to the South China Sea

100. Belt and Road Initiative 2.0 Qualitatively Different