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1. Monitoring Progress on the Women, Peace and Security Agenda

2. The UK's First Comprehensive Space Strategy

3. UK, Australia and ASEAN cooperation for safer seas: A case for elevating the cyber–maritime security nexus

4. AUKUS Update #1: May 2022

5. Understanding the Red Wall: Politics and identity in the new electoral battlegrounds

6. British politics after Brexit

7. Constitution and Governance in the UK

8. UK-EU regulatory divergence tracker: third edition

9. The state of the European Union

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11. The Northern Ireland Protocol Bill: context and consequences

12. UK-EU regulatory divergence tracker: fifth edition

13. Levelling up: what England thinks

14. A beginner’s guide to the European Union

15. Manufacturing after Brexit

16. Doing things differently? Policy after Brexit

17. An EU border across Britain: Scotland’s borders after independence

18. Brexit and beyond

19. Dialogue with Russia: Russia Needs to Reset Relations with the West

20. UK Economic Diplomacy in the 21st Century: The LSE Economic Diplomacy Commission Final Report

21. Strategic Risk Reduction between Nuclear-Weapons Possessors

22. Complementarity or Competition? Franco-British Cooperation and the European Horizon of French Defense Policy

23. European Middle Powers in the Indo-Pacific amid GreatPower Strategic Competition

24. A Movement Between Parliamentary Politics and the Pathway to Violence and Terrorism: Germany’s Radical Right Narratives and Counter-narratives

25. Radical Right Narratives and Norwegian Counter-narratives in the Decade of Utøya and Bærum Solo-actor Attacks

26. From Street-based Activism to Terrorism and Political Violence: UK Radical Right Narratives and Counter-Narratives at a Time of Transition

27. Not for patching? Public opinion and the commitment to ‘build back better’

28. The Impact of the Repression in Xinjiang on China’s Relations with Other Countries

29. Collaborative and agile. Intelligence community collaboration insights from the United Kingdom and the United States

30. What is AUKUS and what is it not?

31. AUKUS - A Harbinger of a New Geopolitical Reality

32. Brexit and Beyond: the union

33. Brexit and Beyond: politics

34. Brexit and Beyond: policy

35. Brexit and Beyond: public opinion

36. Brexit and Beyond: economy

37. Freeports

38. Brexit and Beyond: government, law and external relations

39. Whitehall in Brussels: the UK permanent representation to the EU

40. Comfortable leavers: the expectations and hopes of the overlooked Brexit voters

41. The EU Settlement Scheme

42. EU-UK 2030

43. Global Britain: views from abroad

44. Covid or Brexit?

45. UK-EU regulatory divergence tracker

46. What do MPs think? expectations, issues and identities

47. The impact of Brexit on UK services

48. UK-EU regulatory divergence tracker: second edition

49. United Kingdom Veteran Landscape

50. Political attitudes at a time of flux

51. Fisheries and Brexit

52. Brexit and the consequences for fisheries management in the North Sea

53. Will getting Brexit done restore political trust?

54. What would no deal mean?

55. Brexit and the Union

56. Brexit and the British in Spain

57. The future of the EU: new perspectives

58. Anticipating and meeting new multilevel governance challenges in Northern Ireland after Brexit

59. Revisited: What would ‘trading on WTO terms’ mean?

60. Brexit: what next?

61. UN Human Rights Council Elections for 2021-2023 and the Responsibility to Protect

62. Minister Helen McEntee on Brexit, the Good Friday Agreement, and Transatlantic Relations

63. A post-Brexit agreement for research and innovation

64. Getting Brexit Started: prospects for a new EU-UK partnership into the 2020s

65. GovTech, The New Frontier in Digital Sovereignty

66. Consequences of Hong Kong’s National Security Law

67. Fragile States Index 2020

68. “One Belt One Road” and the Opportunities It Could Bring to the UK

69. Brexit: the manifestos uncovered

70. The mechanics of a further referendum on Brexit revisited: questions for the new parliament

71. Brexit and public opinion 2019

72. The repatriation of competences in agriculture after Brexit

73. The future of our shared island: a paper on the logistical and legal questions surrounding referendums on Irish unity

74. A national recovery programme for languages

75. Brexit, British people of colour in the EU-27 and everyday racism in Britain and Europe

76. UK-born children of EU nationals in the UK: historical, national and local perspectives

77. Future Crime: Assessing twenty first century crime prediction

78. Advancing Human Rights in Asia through Trade after Brexit: Background Report

79. How can the NHS recruit and retain migrant nurses after Brexit?: Background Report

80. The role of Chinese finance in the City of London after Brexit: Background Report

81. The United Kingdom's Belt and Road Initiative strategy after Brexit: Background Report

82. Trade Update 2019: Transfers, Transparency, and South-east Asia Spotlight

83. Creating the North Atlantic Marketplace for Jobs and Growth: Three Paths, One Detour, A U-Turn, and the Road to Nowhere