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1. Rewinding the Clock? US-Russia Relations in the Biden Era

2. The Foreign Relations of Islamist Movements

3. A U.S.‐Japan Dual‐Citizen Arrangement Can Benefit Both Countries

4. The U.S.‐Japan Relationship: Modeling New Frontiers in Subnational Diplomacy

5. Congressional Perspectives on U.S. Policy Toward North Korea and Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula

6. Finding Firmer Ground: The Role of Civil Society and NGOs in U.S.-China Relations

7. The Iran Nuclear Deal at Five: A Revival?

8. From Plan to Action: Operationalizing a U.S. National Technology Strategy

9. Sea Change? The Impact of the US Presidential Election on Central and South-Eastern European Security and Defence

10. A Principled Middle Power Diplomacy Approach For South Korea to Navigate the U.S.-China Rivalry

11. Priorities for US-Africa commercial policy in the Biden Administration

12. Iranian digital influence efforts: Guerrilla broadcasting for the twenty-first century

13. America’s Use of Coercive Economic Statecraft

14. Reengaging Iran: A New Strategy for the United States

15. Iran: The U.S. Brings Maximum Pressure to the UN

16. The Hard Chess Puzzle: Trump’s ‘Maximum Pressure’ versus Iran’s ‘Maximum Resistance’

17. With Tensions Receding, Americans Lose Fear of North Korea

18. US Experts Consider China a Shifting and India a Stable Friend to Russia

19. US Experts Anticipate Future Decline for Russia Among the Great Powers

20. Americans Feel Less Safe after Killing of Soleimani

21. Germany and the Three Seas Initiative

22. What Diplomats Need to Know about Canadian Elections

23. Q&A with Kristin Smith (MAAS ’14): A Day in the Life of Beirut’s Cultural Attaché

24. Diplomacy and the Art of Storytelling

25. Mobilizing Memories

26. New Law Hinders Public Diplomacy and Penalizes Palestinian Students

27. Grassroots Diplomacy Matters More Than Ever

28. Q&A with Her Excellency Hunaina Al Mughairy

29. Serving Citizens Abroad in Times of War

30. Training Georgetown’s Future Diplomats

31. Leading the free world: How America benefits

32. Crossed Wires: Recalibrating Engagement with North Korea for an Era of Competition with China

33. Cooperation and Hedging: Comparing US and South Korean Views of China

34. The Chinese Perception of the U.S.-China-ROK Triangle

35. The U.S.-Japan-ROK Trilateral: Better at Deterrence than Diplomacy?

36. Doubling Down on the U.S.-South Korea Alliance: Olympics Diplomacy Did Not Breach Trust, but TrumpMoon Confidence Is in Jeopardy

37. Religious Intolerance and America’s Image and Policies Abroad

38. The United States and India: Forging an Indispensable Democratic Partnership

39. Indo-U.S. Relations: Mapping the Contours

40. Preserving and Strengthening the U.S.-Mexico Relationship

41. Setting the Terms for U.S.-Egypt Relations

42. Common Ground for the United States, Japan, and China in Southeast Asia

43. The U.S.-Japan Alliance in an Age of Elevated U.S.-China Relations

44. Rejuvenating the U.S. Partnership with Kuwait

45. Boosting U.S.-Mexico Clean Energy Cooperation

46. Restructuring the UN Secretariat to Strengthen Preventative Diplomacy and Peace Operations

47. The Future of U.S.-Jordanian Counterterrorism Cooperation

48. Recalibrating U.S.-China Relations in Southeast Asia

49. 5 Big Ideas for U.S. Policy in the Americas

50. U.S. and Russia Relations Under Trump and Putin

51. A Sharper Choice on North Korea: Engaging China for a Stable Northeast Asia

52. Working With a Rising India