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1. U.S. Defense Posture in the Middle East

2. Contested Deployment

3. Framing the Future of the US Military Profession

4. The Department of Defense Contributions to Pandemic Response

5. Defense Acquisition Trends 2021

6. Beyond Foreign Military Sales: Opportunities to Enhance Japan-U.S. Defense Industrial Cooperation

7. Measuring Congressional Impact on Defense Acquisition Funding

8. U.S. Military Forces in FY 2022: Peering into the Abyss

9. The Impact of Finland's and Sweden's Accession to NATO on the Security of the Alliance

10. Veteran Disability Compensation and the Army Profession: Good Intentions Gone Awry

11. Developments in U.S. Defence Spending: Implications for NATO

12. US, Japan, and South Korea Coordination Key to Competing in Southeast Asia

13. Where are the Carriers? U.S. National Strategy and the Choices Ahead

14. Resilient Aerial Refueling: Safeguarding the US Military’s Global Reach

15. Advancing Decision-Centric Warfare: Gaining Advantage Through Force Design and Mission Integration

16. Regaining the Digital Advantage: A Demand-Focused Strategy for US Microelectronics Competitiveness

17. Risky Business: Future Strategy and Force Options for the Defense Department

18. Improving Joint Operational Concept Development within the U.S. Department of Defense

19. Making Sense of Cents: Parsing the U.S. Department of Defense’s FY 2022 Budget Request

20. Sea Change? The Impact of the US Presidential Election on Central and South-Eastern European Security and Defence

21. European Security Seminar EU – NATO Cooperation: Seminar Report

22. National Security Update 12: Status of 2020 Defense Authorization/Appropriations and NDAA Highlights

23. Sustaining the Undersea Advantage: Transforming Anti-Submarine Warfare Using Autonomous Systems

24. Renew, Elevate, Modernize: A Blueprint for a 21st-Century U.S.-ROK Alliance Strategy

25. Defense Technology Strategy

26. Working Case Study: Congress’s Oversight of the Tongo Tongo, Niger, Ambush

27. An affordable defense of Asia

28. Emerging technologies and the future of US-Japan defense collaboration

29. Americans Positive on South Korea Despite Trump’s Views on Alliance

30. Libya’s Civil War: US Abdication Providing a Playground for Foreign Intervention

31. National Security Upate 13: Accessing the Technologies and Capabilities of the U.S. Commercial High-Tech Sector: A Defense Department Priority

32. National Security Update 14: The Impact of the Coronavirus on Future Defense Budgets

33. Where Are We Now? Examining the Trump Administration’s Efforts to Combat Cybercrime

34. A Roadmap to Strengthen US Cyber Enforcement: Where Do We Go From Here?

35. Pentagon Fuel Use, Climate Change, and the Costs of War

36. Where We Fight: US Counterterror War Locations 2017-2018

37. The Role of Nuclear and Gas in Romania-U.S. Relations

38. IFPA National Security Update 10: The Military Applications and Use of Artificial Intelligence

39. IFPA National Security Update 9: The Trump Administration’s Executive Order on Electromagnetic Pulse

40. IFPA National Security Update 8: The Trump Administration’s Space Force Proposal: Status and Prospects for Approval in Congress

41. IFPA National Security Update 7: The 2019 Missile Defense Review - Strengths and Weaknesses

42. A Modern Army Reserve for a Multi-Domain World: Structural Realities and Untapped Potential

43. Parameters VOL. 49 NO. 1–2 Spring–Summer 2019

44. Maneuver and Manipulation: On the Military Strategy of Online Information Warfare

45. Grand Strategy is Attrition: The Logic of Integrating Various Forms of Power in Conflict

46. Implications of Service Cyberspace Component Commands for Army Cyberspace Operations

47. Examining the Roles of Army Reserve Component Forces in Military Cyberspace Operations

48. Scenario Planning and Strategy in the Pentagon

49. The U.S. Army in the Iraq War – Volume 1: Invasion – Insurgency – Civil War, 2003-2006

50. Beating the Americans at Their Own Game: An Offset Strategy with Chinese Characteristics