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1. Supercharged: The EuroAsia Interconnector and Israel’s Pursuit of Energy Interdependence

2. The First Months of Israel-UAE Peace: Israel’s Perspective on the Abraham Accords

3. Israel Escalates Actions Towards Iran

4. The Palestinian Authority after the Cancellation of Elections

5. The Israeli Political Scene and the Next Parliamentary Elections

6. Jordan’s Path in 2021: Trends and Scenarios

7. R2P Monitor, Issue 57, 1 June 2021

8. R2P Monitor, Issue 58, 1 September 2021

9. R2P Monitor, Issue 59, 1 December 2021

10. Re-Thinking Assumptions for a 21st Century Middle East

11. Transforming the Middle East: The Origins, Impact, and Evolution of the Abraham Accords

12. Beyond Business as Usual in Israel-Palestine

13. Can the Women, Peace and Security Agenda and International Humanitarian Law Join Forces? Emerging findings and promising directions

14. A New U.S. Strategy for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

15. Searching for COVID-19 Ceasefires: Conflict Zone Impacts, Needs, and Opportunities

16. Counting the cost: Avoiding another war between Israel and Hezbollah

17. Terrorism is terrorism: The Christchurch terror attack from an Israeli CT perspective

18. Arab Citizens are Not the Problem: How the 2020 Election Might Redefine the Israeli Political Landscape

19. The Joint List: The Achievement and the Price

20. The Story of a Restaurant during the Corona Epidemic: A Period of Crisis for Businesses in the Arab Sector

21. The “Gender Genie”: Bedouin Women between the Generations

22. The Coronavirus in the Middle East: State and Society in a Time of Crisis

23. The Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum: Cooperation in the Shadow of Competition

24. The Middle East Rediscovers the Jews

25. The Palestinian Issue as Ground and Ceiling for Arab-Israeli Cooperation

26. The Israeli Governmental Conduct in Advancing Cooperation with Arab States

27. Civilian Cooperation between Israel and Arab States: How Does it Work?

28. The Political Significance of the Trump Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan

29. Palestine in Turkey’s Foreign Policy

30. Looking West. The Rise of Asia in the Middle East

31. After the Storm: Post-Pandemic Trends in the Southern Mediterranean

32. Iran’s Missiles and Its Evolving “Rings of Fire”

33. Operation “Shahid Soleimani”: Iran’s Revenge

34. The San Remo Conference 100 Years On

35. Court of Justice of the EU Ruling on Products from Territories Occupied by Israel

36. Palestine in Russia’s Foreign Policy

37. Israel and the COVID-19 Pandemic

38. Countering Iran in the Gray Zone: What the United States Should Learn from Israel’s Operations in Syria

39. R2P Monitor, Issue 52, 15 July 2020

40. R2P Monitor, Issue 51, 15 May 2020

41. R2P Monitor, Issue 54, 15 November 2020

42. U.S Recognition of Golan Heights Annexation: Testament to Our Times

43. BDS Supression Attempts in Germany Backfire

44. R2P Monitor, Issue 45, 15 May 2019

45. R2P and Outcomes of the Human Rights Council’s 40th Session

46. R2P Monitor, Issue 44, 15 March 2019

47. R2P Monitor, Issue 43, 15 January 2019

48. Musical Diplomacy: The Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv

49. Reversing Israel’s Deepening Annexation of Occupied East Jerusalem

50. Tourism Across Borders in Israel/Palestine: Using Tourism as a Tool for Social and Political Change

51. The West Bank’s Area C: Israel’s Eastern Line of Defense

52. Israeli Nuclear Deterrence in Context: Effects of the US-Russian Rivalry

53. What Happens to Israel If the US and Iran Go to War?

54. Land Combat Vehicles: Protection Must Come First

55. Improving the Role of Intelligence in Counterproliferation Policymaking: Report of the "Speaking Truth to Nonproliferation Project," 2018

56. Israel’s Policy in the Eastern Mediterranean

57. Trade Update 2019: Transfers, Transparency, and South-east Asia Spotlight

58. Guiding Principles for a New Israeli Foreign Policy Paradigm

59. Preventing an Israel-Iran Escalation in Syria via Diplomacy

60. Preserving a Genre under Duress

61. R2P Monitor, Issue 42, 15 November 2018

62. R2P Monitor, Issue 41, 15 September 2018

63. R2P Monitor, Issue 40, 15 July 2018

64. R2P Monitor, Issue 39, 15 May 2018

65. Two States or One? Reappraising the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse

66. Israeli Settlers Acts of Violence and Attacks in the Occupied Territory of the De Jure State of Palestine

67. The Palestinian Arabs in Israel: Reconceptualizing the Past

68. Strengthening Israel’s Foreign Service

69. American Jews and Israel: The End of ‘Israel, Right or Wrong’