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1. What is Serbia’s “Project 5000” and why Should we be concerned?

2. Women Police Officers’ Perception of Gender Integration in the Kosovo Police

3. Are Non-Governmental Organizations prepared to deal with Cyberthreats?- An analysis of perceptions of cybersecurity capacities among NGOs in Kosovo

4. Kosovo citizens’ perceptions on EU integration, Kosovo-Serbia bilateral relations, and Regional Cooperation

5. Citizens’ Perceptions on Foreign Actors Influence in Kosovo and Regional Cooperation

6. Kosovo COVID-19 Management

7. Little substance, considerable impact Russian influence in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro

8. Double-Edged Sword: How to Engage Returnee Networks in Migrant Reintegration

9. Russia’s War in Ukraine: Rethinking the EU’s Eastern Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy

10. CEFTA: Trade and Growth Patterns Fifteen Years since Establishment

11. Economic Priorities in Post-war Ukraine

12. Toward Inclusive Recovery in Ukraine: Engaging Women and Civil Society in Ukraine’s Relief, Recovery, and Reconstruction

13. Women's Security in Local Communities

14. Anti-corruption Capacities of Public Procurement in the Security Sector: Report for 2020 and 2021 - Part I

15. Anti-corruption Capacities of Public Procurement in the Security Sector: Report for 2020 and 2021 - Part II

16. What Does the Russian Army Think About its War in Ukraine? Criticisms, Recommendations, Adaptations

17. Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure in Kosovo

18. Citizens perceptions of integrity of public institutions in Kosovo

19. E-mobility: An OPPORTUNITY for Central-Eastern Europe

20. Developing Nuclear Energy in Estonia: An Amplifier of Strategic Partnership with the United States?

21. Serbia on Edge

22. American Interests in the Ukraine War

23. Prepare Ukraine for Victory in a Long War

24. Russia Can Still Be Defeated, But Time Is Short

25. Six Months after the Russian Invasion, the West Needs Better Clock Management

26. Ten Myths about US Aid to Ukraine

27. Economic and Social Impacts of FDI in Central, East and Southeast Europe

28. What Ukraine Taught NATO about Hybrid Warfare

29. Impact of the Russia-Ukraine War on the Global Energy Policy

30. The War in Ukraine and the Threat of a Global Food Crisis

31. Foreign fighters in the Russia-Ukraine war

32. The Impact of the Russian-Ukrainian War on the North Caucasus and Occupied Territories of Georgia

33. Turkey’s Place and Role in the Russia-Ukraine War

34. Russian Military Aggression in Ukraine and Georgia's National Security System

35. Positions, Role and Activity of the International Community in the War Waged by Russia against Ukraine

36. Ukraine Russia Crisis: Terrorism Briefing

37. World Risk Poll: Spotlight on Ukraine and Russia

38. Poles Waive the Rainbow Flag in “LGBTQI+-free zones”

39. Security Review: Russia-Ukraine Confrontation

40. Kosovo’s regional cooperation and EU Integration - Kosovo citizen’s perspective

41. Community perceptions on violent extremism and repatriation of Kosovo Citizens' from ISIS battlegrounds

42. Between denial and respond: Citizens' perceptions on Kosovo Institutions dealing with COVID-19

43. Kosovo Security Barometer Special Edition on Corruption, Rule of Law and Police integrity in Kosovo

44. The path to recognition: Kosovo’s and Serbia’s evolving dialogue

45. Resilient Ukraine – a Delicate Mosaic? Society, Media, Security, and Future Prospects

46. So Far, Yet So Close: Japanese and Estonian Cybersecurity Policy Perspectives and Cooperation

47. Axis of collusion: The fragile Putin-Xi partnership

48. The Pandemic in the Balkans: Geopolitics and Democracy at Stake

49. Balkan and Eastern European Comparisons: Building a New Momentum for the European integration of the Balkan and Eastern European associated states

50. Authoritarian protectionism in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe: diversity, commonality and resistance