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1. The Security Side of Gulf Visions. Adapting Defence to the Connectivity Age

2. Moving Targets. Trends in Japan’s Foreign and Security Policies

3. Blockchain and Energy Understanding Opportunities and Challenges

4. The Sky Is Not the Limit. Geopolitics and Economics of the New Space Race

5. Multipolarity After Ukraine: Old Wine in New Bottles?

6. Europe and Russia on the Balkan Front. Geopolitics and Diplomacy in the EU’s Backyard

7. The EU Indo-Pacific Bid: Sailing Through Economic and Security Competition

8. Enhancing Resilience in a Chaotic World: The Role of Infrastructure

9. The Comeback of Industrial Policy. The Next Geopolitical Great Game

10. Is Africa Turning Against the West?

11. Türkiye in the MENA Region: A Foreign Policy Reset

12. The Future of Xi’s China. Scenarios and Implications for Europe

13. Sahel: 10 Years of Instability. Local, Regional and International Dynamics

14. Facing War: Rethinking Europe’s Security and Defence

15. From Warlords to Statelords: Armed Groups and Power Trajectories in Libya and Yemen

16. Energy Politics in the MENA Region: From Hydrocarbons to Renewables?

17. Environment in Times of War: Climate and Energy Challenges in the Post-Soviet Region

18. China's Foreign Policies Today: Who Is in Charge of What

19. China After Covid-19: Economic Revival and Challenges to the World

20. Post-Pandemic Asia: A New Normal for Regional Security?

21. The Pandemic in the Balkans: Geopolitics and Democracy at Stake

22. Russia’s Foreign Policy: The Internal-International Link

23. Human Fraternity and Inclusive Citizenship: Interreligious Engagement in the Mediterranean

24. "Next Generation EU" Cities: Local Communities in a Post-Pandemic Future

25. Europe and Africa. The Long Search for Common Ground

26. Institutionalised (In)Security: Exploring the MENA Region’s Governance Crises

27. North Africa 2030: What the Future Holds for the Region

28. The Global Quest for Sustainability: The Role of Green Infrastructure in a Post-Pandemic World

29. China After Covid-19: Economic Revival and Challenges to the World

30. Looking West. The Rise of Asia in the Middle East

31. Four Years of Trump. The US and the World

32. Africa’s Thorny Horn

33. AI in the Age of Cyber-Disorder

34. Navigating the Pandemic: The challenge of stability and prosperity in the Mediterranean

35. Conflicts, Pandemics and Peacebuilding: New Perspectives on Security Sector Reform in the MENA Region

36. The Politics of Pandemics. Evolving Regime-Opposition Dynamics in the MENA Region

37. After the Storm: Post-Pandemic Trends in the Southern Mediterranean

38. Learning Whilst Migrating: The Case for Education in Emergency

39. Mapping China’s Global Future: Playing Ball or Rocking the Boat?

40. The Future of Migration to Europe

41. Latin America and the New Global Order

42. The Balkans: Old, New Instabilities

43. Between Politics and Finance: Hong Kong's "Infinity War"?

44. Forward to the Past? New/Old Theatres of Russia’s International Projection

45. Digital Jihad: Online Communication and Violent Extremism

46. Iran Looking East: An Alternative to the EU?

47. The Rise and the Future of Militias in the MENA Region

48. Europe in Identity Crisis: The Future of the EU in the Age of Nationalism

49. Geopolitics by Other Means: The Indo-Pacific Reality

50. Infrastructure for Growth: How to Finance, Develop, and Protect It