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1. Political Coalitions in Turkey in the Run-Up to the 2023 Elections

2. The Strategic Repositioning of LNG: Implications for Key Trade Routes and Choke Points

3. Russia’s Mining Strategy: Geopolitical Ambitions and Industrial Challenges

4. China/United States: Europe off Balance

5. The Sino-Russian Partnership Assumptions, Myths and Realities

6. The Technology Policies of Digital Middle Powers

7. The Politics of New Cities: Diversification of Actors and Recentralization of State Power in the Case of Diamniadio

8. Europe and the Geopolitics of 5G Walking a Technological Tightrope

9. Rewinding the Clock? US-Russia Relations in the Biden Era

10. French Engagement in the Western Balkans: Boosting Strategic, Political, Economic, and Societal Cooperation

11. Governing Cities in Africa. A Panorama of Challenges and Perspectives

12. Convince and Coerce: U.S. Interference in Technology Exchanges Between its Allies and China

13. India–East Africa: A Not So Healthy Relationship?

14. The Russian-Iran Partnership in a Multipolar World

15. Arctic: Toward the End of the Exception? Strategic, Nuclear and Maritime Issues in the Region

16. Software Power The Economic and Geopolitical Implications of Open Source Software

17. Military Stockpiles: A Life-Insurance Policy in a High-Intensity Conflict?

18. Connectivity in Central Asia at the Crossroads of International Crises: Transport, Energy and Water from Interdependence to New Cooperation Ways

19. What Strategic Posture Should France Adopt in the Middle East?

20. Neither Surveillance Nor Algorithm-driven Consumerism: Toward an Alternative European Model for Smart Cities

21. Russia’s War in Ukraine: Misleading Doctrine, Misguided Strategy

22. The Geopolitics of Seawater Desalination

23. The Pacific caught in the World Wide Web? Geopolitics of submarine cables in Oceania

24. Five Years after China’s Plastic Import Ban Have Europeans Taken Responsibility?

25. Strategic Risk Reduction between Nuclear-Weapons Possessors

26. Once a Jihadist, Always a Jihadist? A Deradicalization Program Seen from the Inside

27. Tanzania’s 2020 Election: Return of the One-Party State

28. Collective Collapse or Resilience? European Defense Priorities in the Pandemic Era

29. The Automotive Industry: The Achilles’ Heel of German Economy?

30. Green Batteries: a Competitive Advantage for Europe’s Electric Vehicle Value Chain?

31. Denmark: A Case Study for a Climate-Neutral Europe

32. Complementarity or Competition? Franco-British Cooperation and the European Horizon of French Defense Policy

33. Mavi Vatan, the "Blue Homeland": the Origins, Influences and Limits of an Ambitious Doctrine for Turkey

34. Russia and Turkey. Strategic Partners and Rivals

35. Great Britain and Africa: Boris Johnson's Strategic Reversals

36. Commercial Space in Europe: A Balancing Act between Physics, Politics and Profession

37. Can the Biggest Emitters Set Up a Climate Club? A Review of International Carbon Pricing Debates

38. Health Data Governance: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic in Europe, China, and the United States

39. Geopolitics of the World’s Forests: Strategies for Tackling Deforestation

40. Strategic Calculation: High-Performance Computing and Quantum Computing in Europe’s Quest for Technological Power

41. The French Military's Perception of the Turkish Military and Turkey's Expansion in the Eastern Mediterranean

42. Turkish Airlines: An International Strategic Instrument for Turkey

43. Perspectives on a Hydrogen Strategy for the European Union

44. Migrant and Refugee Participation: Approaches to Rethinking Integration Policies

45. One Year of Zelensky’s Presidency: One Step Forward, One Step Back

46. The Renovation Wave: A Make or Break for the European Green Deal

47. Technology Strategies in China and the United States, and the Challenges for European Companies

48. Prospects of a Hydrogen Economy with Chinese Characteristics

49. Israel-Africa Relations: What Can We Learn from the Netanyahu Decade?

50. Israeli Cyberpower: The Unfinished Development of the Start-up Nation?

51. GovTech, The New Frontier in Digital Sovereignty

52. Current and Future Trends in Chinese Counterspace Capabilities

53. Towards a More Principled European China Policy?

54. The Outsider: Russia in the Race for Artificial Intelligence

55. How the French Understand Immigrant Integration and Citizenship

56. The Recycling of Lithium-Ion Batteries: A Strategic Pillar for the European Battery Alliance

57. Confettis d’empire ou points d’appui? L’avenir de la stratégie française de présence et de souveraineté

58. The Sanctions Policy of the European Union: Multilateral Ambitions Versus Power Politics

59. Russia’s Energy Strategy-2035: Struggling to Remain Relevant

60. China’s Smart Cities: The New Geopolitical Battleground

61. Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways: Global Airline Companies Promoting the International Position and Reputation of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar

62. Offshore Wind Power Floating in its Industrial and Technological Dimension

63. The Strategic Role of Land Forces: A French Perspective

64. Another Story from the "Refugee Crisis". Resettlement in Small Towns and Rural Areas in France

65. China’s Quest for Blue Skies: The Astonishing Transformation of the Domestic Gas Market

66. China’s Quest for Gas Supply Security: The Global Implications

67. (De)globalization of International Plastic Waste Trade: Stakes at Play and Perspectives

68. Macron, Diplomat: A New French Foreign Policy?

69. The Gulf Monarchies' Armed Forces at the Crossroads

70. Coal Exit or Coal Expansion? A Review of Coal Market Trends and Policies in 2017

71. Making Sense of Russia’s Policy in Afghanistan

72. The Trump-led Trade War with China: Energy Dominance Self-destructed?

73. 137 Shades of Terrorism. French Jihadists Before the Courts

74. The Niger-Libya Border: Securing It without Stabilising It?