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1. An International Perspective on Observing US Elections

2. Curbing Illicit Financial Flows to Pay for Sustainable Development and COVID-19 Recovery

3. The View of the Coup from the Camp: Myanmar’s Emergent Trans-Ethnic Solidarity

4. Putin Prioritizes Syria. Biden Should Too.

5. “Police Do Not Protect Me, My Female Friends Do”: Police Repression against Feminists in Mexico

6. Indigenous Peoples and Climate Justice in the Arctic

7. Climate Change and International Migration: The Role of Foreign Aid

8. Stemming the Flow: The United States Needs a Strategy to Address China’s Strategic Exportation of Digital Authoritarianism

9. A Very Ethiopian Tragedy: Tigray, the TPLF, and Cyclical History

10. Poles Waive the Rainbow Flag in “LGBTQI+-free zones”

11. The Overseen Factors Impacting the Afghan Peace Process

12. Russia and Turkey Deconflict Their Geopolitical Moves in the Caucasus

13. PART I: How Auctions Helped Solar Become the Cheapest Electricity in the World

14. The Srebrenica Genocide: A Testament to Persistence in “The Last Refuge”

15. The Causes, Effects, and Manifestations of the Money Laundering Problem in the Former Soviet Union

16. South China Sea Threat Assessment: Is China a Threat or a Paper Tiger?

17. Sanctions, Scarcity, and the Depressing Reality of Iranian Healthcare

18. Same-Sex Marriage and the Liberal Transformation of Ireland

19. Pope Francis: Extending his “Culture of Encounter” into the Arab and Muslim Worlds

20. No Peace Without Justice in Afghanistan

21. Nationalist Underpinnings of Turkey’s Damaging “Kurdish” Policy

22. Ambassador Richard Morningstar on Energy and Geopolitics in the Caspian Region

23. Minister Helen McEntee on Brexit, the Good Friday Agreement, and Transatlantic Relations

24. What Has Changed in the Turkish Coal Mining Industry Five Years After the Soma Mine Disaster?

25. The Intersection of Poetry and U.S.-Mexican Border Affairs in Natalie Scenters-Zapico’s “Lima :: Limón”

26. What Can FEMA Learn from the Historic 2017 Hurricane and Wildfire Seasons?

27. Hitting Home: Cyber-Hybrid Warfare in Ukraine and Its Impact on the United States

28. Civilians Versus Their Governments: China, the United States, and the Changing Nature of Conflict and Security in Africa

29. Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan: Positive Evolution or More of the Same?

30. Catching Up: China’s Developing Military Power

31. Building a Multi-Directional Transnational Solidarity Movement

32. Big Tech, Antitrust, and Breakup

33. Alcohol Policies in Australia: Indigenous Activism and International Blueprints

34. A New Type of Threat: Russia, China and Digital Authoritarianism in West Africa

35. US Trade Policy in the Biden Administration: The Challenge of China’s Rise

36. Status of Education and Minorities Rights in Turkey

37. Is the Future of Central America’s Growth Sustainable?

38. Turkey-Greece Relations: Growing Tensions and Implications for Transatlantic Relations

39. Domein Verklaring: Colonial Legal Legacies and Community Access to Land in Indonesia

40. High Expectations: Chile’s Path Toward a New Constitution

41. How to Design a Co-benefit Framework Between Air Quality Improvement and Climate Policy: The Case of South Korea

42. New ESG Practices in China and its Implications for Foreign Actors

43. The Lungs of the Earth: Shifting a Metaphor from Superstition to Science

44. PART I: COVID-19 Contact Tracing: Why South Korea’s Success is Hard to Replicate

45. PART II: COVID-19 Contact Tracing: Why South Korea’s Success is Hard to Replicate

46. What the Pandemic Reveals: Workers’ Rights in Bangladesh and Garment Supply Chains

47. Water Politics and the Human Geographies of the Aral Sea Crisis

48. Taking al Qaeda Seriously in Afghanistan: Policy Options for the United States

49. Uncertain Days for Scholars as Sino-U.S. Tensions Rise

50. Puerto Rico Can Emerge Stronger; But It Needs Help