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1. From a space of conflict to a space of peace: The role of urban planners in advancing the peace process

2. Politics of Sports in the Middle East

3. Regional security and alliances in the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific: implications for European security

4. Uncovering the Potential: The role of informal actors in solid waste management in Jordan

5. Analyzing Voter Turnout in Lebanon: Political Change in Times of Crisis

6. Labor and Politics in the Middle East and North Africa

7. Environmental Politics in the Middle East and North Africa

8. COVID-19 in the MENA: Two Years On

9. Research Report: Perspectives on Youth Engagement in Operationalizing Peace and Security at a National Level

10. Survivor-Centred Justice for Gender-Based Violence in Complex Situations

11. Impacting policies: Waste management and advocacy in Lebanon

12. Iraqi youth in contexts of conflict: Fragmentation, divergent strategies, and the impossibility of inclusion

13. Unpacking solid waste management policies in Lebanon: Public policies based on power-sharing politics rather than evidence-based decision-making

14. Perceptions and Trajectories of Youth in Baghdad, Al-Basra, and Mosul after the 2014 Conflict with ISIS

15. Women’s Peace Groups in Formal Peace Processes: Benefits of Participation, Price of Exclusion

16. Does the Road to Peace Pass Through Prisons? The role of former and current inmates in advancing Israeli-Palestinian peace

17. The Significance of Convening the European Union – Israel Association Council

18. MEPPA’s Progress and Promise, One Year In

19. Democratic Backsliding and Securitization: Challenges for Israel, the EU, and Israel-Europe Relations

20. Environmental Organizations as Potential Players in the Peace Process

21. “Re-imagining the Reality of Entrepreneurship in the Lens of Palestinian Youth”

22. Implications of Russia’s Activities in the Middle East and North Africa Region for U.S. Strategy and Interests

23. Digital Activism and Authoritarian Adaptation in the Middle East

24. Racial Formations in Africa and the Middle East: A Transregional Approach

25. Open-source analysis of Iran’s missile and UAV capabilities and proliferation

26. Missile multinational: Iran’s new approach to missile proliferation

27. Cruise missiles in the Middle East

28. Ballistic and cruise missiles in the Middle East: the current landscape and options for arms control

29. Which Tax Policies for Lebanon? Lessons from the Past for a Challenging Future

30. The UK Iraqi Diaspora and their Mobilization towards Iraq: Homeland Politics, Internal Dynamics, and the Fragmentation of Diasporic Transnationalism

31. Introduction: What is New about Post-2011 MENA Diasporas?

32. Lebanon’s Student Movement: A New Political Player?

33. Lebanese Trade Unions and Independent Professional Associations: A Review in Light of the Popular Movement

34. Union Action and Protests in Iraq: A Problematic Relationship - Case Study on the National Union of Journalists

35. Framing what's breaking: Empirical analysis of Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya Twitter coverage of the Gaza-Israel conflict

36. Grim Prospect: Low-Yield Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East

37. Nothing Much to Do: Why America Can Bring All Troops Home From the Middle East

38. Financial Assistance from GCC Countries and the Democratization of Arab States

39. Food Security Policies in the Gulf Arab Countries

40. The Biden Administration and the Middle East

41. Food Security in the Middle East and North Africa -- Common Regional Challenges and National Approaches to Food Supply

42. Iranian Politics Leading Up to the 2021 Presidential Elections and US Influences

43. Can China Practice Major Power Diplomacy in the Middle East?

44. Syria and Libya’s Contributions to the Evolution of the Turkish “Forward Defence” Doctrine

45. Challenges to the Middle East North Africa Inclusionary State

46. Sectarianism and International Relations

47. The COVID-19 Pandemic in the Middle East and North Africa

48. Africa and the Middle East: Beyond the Divides

49. MENA’s Frozen Conflicts

50. THE "SORROW REMAINS INSIDE": Applying A Mixed Methods Approach to Understand the Relationship between Gender-Based Violence and Mental Health, Coping and Service Seeking among Lebanese and Syrian Refugee Women in Lebanon.