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1. Assessing military cyber maturity: strategy, institutions and capability

2. Military ambitions and competition in space: the role of alliances

3. Tracking Funding for VAW Research In LMICS

4. The State of Local Humanitarian Leadership: A learning report on a series of LHL online convenings held in Asia, the Middle East and Northern Africa, the Pacific, and West Africa

5. Beyond Consultation: Unpacking the most essential components of meaningful participation by refugee leaders

6. Caring in a changing climate: Centering care work in climate action

7. Carbon Pricing: A primer for Oxfam

8. Detailed Velocity and Heat Transfer Measurements in an Advanced Gas Turbine Vane Insert Using Magnetic Resonance Velocimetry and Infrared Thermometry

9. Increasing the Success and Sustainability of Democracy and Governance Interventions in Post-conflict Countries

10. Social Housing 2.0

11. Addressing Inequality and Exclusion in the Pandemic’s Aftermath

12. The Relationship Between Justice and Equality

13. Towards a Prevention and Peacebuilding Data Hub: Scoping the Future of Data Services and Capacity Building

14. Where are the Global COVID-19 Resources for LGBTI Communities?

15. The Political Economy of Law Enforcement

16. Emerging Technologies and Nuclear Deterrence Relationship

17. COVID-19's Impact on the Environment and Sustainability The Triple-R (Response, Recovery, Redesign) Proposal

18. Goal-Based Global Governance Challenges: The Real Significance of the SDGs

19. Rethinking Human Security amid the Coronavirus Crisis: Thoughts on Japan's Contributions During and After the Pandemic

20. The Disinformation Threat and International Cooperation

21. Can adjustment costs in research derail the transition to green growth?

22. The Global Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Second Wave and Policy Implications

23. The Final Stretch: Tackling Remaining HEU Challenges

24. Scientific Risk Assessment of Genetic Weapons Systems

25. The Security Sector Governance - Migration Nexus

26. Revitalising arms control: the MTCR and the HCoC

27. Leading edge: key drivers of defence innovation and the future of operational advantage

28. Changing Alliance Structures

29. Guide on incentives for responsible investment in agriculture and food systems

30. From Seeds to Roots: Trajectories Towards Feminist Foreign Policy

31. Simultaneous estimation and modeling of nonlinear, non- Gaussian state-space systems

32. Overcoming Challenges to Democracy and Lorem Ipsum Governance Programs in Dolor Sit Post-Conflict Countries

33. Gender-Sensitive Indicators for Early Lorem Ipsum Warning of Violence Dolor Sit and Conflict

34. Social Media Strategies for Election Management Bodies

35. The Applicability of Transitional Justice in Pre-Conflict Contexts

36. From Regressive Subsidies to Progressive Redistribution: The Role of Redistribution and Recognition in Energy Subsidy Reform

37. A Civil or Uncivil Civil Society?

38. The Utility of Civil-Military Relations for Intelligence Professionals

39. Growth Models and the Footprint of Transnational Capital

40. Unintended and Undesired Consequences: The Impact of OECD Pillar I and II Proposals on Small Open Economies

41. Learning to Love Trade Again

42. Europe’s Quest for Technology Sovereignty: Opportunities and Pitfalls

43. The Role of Trade Policy in Promoting Sustainable Agriculture

44. Energy Futures: Oil And The Oil Industry

45. World Oil Security On A Precipice

46. Financial Innovation For Energy Innovation

47. In The Era Of U.S. Energy Abundance: The Role Of The Caspian Region In U.S. Policy

48. The Right To A Nationality: No Time To Be Complacent

49. A Guide to Investigating Outbreak Origins

50. Feminist Studies # 1: Women of Struggle, Women in Struggle.