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1. Designing Sustainable Water Supply Systems in Tajikistan: A step-by-step guide to design, construction and ownership

2. Sanitation Marketing in Tajikistan: Business model for sustainable WASH market development

3. Decentralised Sanitation Solutions in Tajikistan: Decentralised wastewater treatment systems (DEWATS) in peri-urban and urban areas in Tajikistan

4. Water Governance and Sustainable Service Delivery in Rural Tajikistan: How regulations and accountability measures improve water supply service deliver

5. The State of Local Humanitarian Leadership: A learning report on a series of LHL online convenings held in Asia, the Middle East and Northern Africa, the Pacific, and West Africa

6. The Value-Added Tax (VAT) Improvement Program: Raising the operational efficacy of the VAT administration in Bangladesh

7. The Crisis of Extreme Inequality in SADC: Fighting austerity and the pandemic

8. Uncovering the Potential: The role of informal actors in solid waste management in Jordan

9. Analyzing Voter Turnout in Lebanon: Political Change in Times of Crisis

10. The Workers Behind the Citrus Fruits: A focused Human Rights Impact Assessment of Coop Sweden’s Moroccan citrus fruit supply chains

11. Beyond Consultation: Unpacking the most essential components of meaningful participation by refugee leaders

12. Adoption Rate and Trends in Adoption of Conservation Agriculture in Ethiopia

13. Caring in a changing climate: Centering care work in climate action

14. Analyzing European Union Institutions’ Flows for Total Official Support for Sustainable Development

15. Tackling Gender Inequality in the Cocoa Supply Chain: Are big chocolate companies delivering on their global commitments in Ghana?

16. The Inequality Crisis in East Africa: Fighting austerity and the pandemic

17. Carbon Pricing: A primer for Oxfam

18. Gender-responsive Budgeting in Tanzania

19. Gender-Responsive Budgeting in Agriculture in Ethiopia

20. The World Bank in Asia: An assessment of COVID-19-related investments through a care lens. Care-responsive investments and development finance

21. Tracing US Development Flows: A Study of the Traceability of US aid to Ghana

22. Returning to Fragility: Exploring the Link Between Conflict and Returnees in Afghanistan

23. Safe but Not Settled: The Impact of Family Separation on Refugees in the UK

24. Agricultural Insurance in Burkina Faso: Challenges and Perspectives

25. A Clean and Decent Life Without WASH? The impacts and risks of reduced WASH funding for Syrian refugees in Bekaa, Lebanon

26. Exploring the Need for Gender-Equitable Fiscal Policies for a Human Economy: Evidence from Uganda and Zimbabwe

27. Managing to Adapt: Analysing Adaptive Management for Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

28. Infrastructure and Equipment for Unpaid Care Work: Household Survey Findings from the Philippines, Uganda and Zimbabwe

29. Supporting Sustainable Water Service Delivery in a Protracted Crisis: Professionalizing Community-led Systems in South Sudan

30. Transformative Leadership for Women’s Rights (TLWR): Lessons and Recommendations from Oxfam’s Experiences

31. How Decent is Decent Work? Using SenseMaker to Understand Workers’ Experiences

32. Resilience in Zambia: Impact evaluation of the ‘Citizen Participation in Adaptation to Climate Change’ project

33. The Cost of Justice: Exploratory Assessment on Women’s Access to Justice in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Yemen

34. Measuring Unpaid Care Work in Household Surveys

35. Understanding Norms around the Gendered Division of Labour: Results from Focus Group Discussions in Zimbabwe

36. Marriage Decision-Making: A family affair – Insight into marriage decision-making processes and social norms around child marriage in Larkana and Shikarpur in Sindh and Lodhran and Muzaffargarh in Punjab, Pakistan

37. Rapid Care Analysis in a Rapid-Onset Emergency: Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

38. Breaking the Mould: Changing Belief Systems and Gender Norms to Eliminate Violence Against Women

39. Tracing Swedish Development Flows: A Study of the Traceability of Swedish Aid to Tanzania

40. Rohingya Refugee Response Gender Analysis: Recognizing and Responding to Gender Inequalities

41. Equity and Quality in an Education Public-Private Partnership: A study of the World Bank-supported PPP in Punjab, Pakistan

42. Gender Roles and the Care Economy in Ugandan Households: The case of Kaabong, Kabale and Kampala districts

43. Funding Mechanisms to Incentivize Sustainable and Inclusive Water Provision in Kenya’s Arid Lands

44. Youth Participation for Active Global Citizenship: Future Youth School Forums Project Report