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1. Recognition, Non-recognition, and Misrecognition of Minority Communities. What Lessons Can Be Drawn from a Comparison between European and Central Asian Approaches?

2. Identity and Nation-Building in Ukraine: Reconciliation of Identities from a Conflict Prevention Perspective

3. Conceptual Disputes over the Notions of Nation and National Minority in the Western Balkan Countries

4. Regional Development Performance in Council Areas of Scotland with the Highest Percentage of Gaelic Speakers

5. Economic Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Roma Communities in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine

6. Inclusion in Crisis: The Case of Irish Travellers during the First Months of the Covid-19 Pandemic

7. Administrative-Territorial Reform through Municipal Amalgamation and the Protection of National Minorities: European Standards and a Few Examples

8. Does Regional Development Matter in Minority Politics? Regional Development in the Recent Electoral Activity of Three national Minorities

9. National Minorities and Regional Development: A Comparative Overview of the Three Baltic States

10. Words that Hurt (1): Normative and Institutional Considerations in the Regulation of Hate Speech in Europe

11. Words that Hurt (2): National and International Perspectives on Hate Speech Regulation

12. Would an EU-wide Basic Income Compliment the aims of the Minority SafePack Initiative?

13. Majorities and Minorities in Post-Soviet Space

14. Local Bodies for Interethnic Relations in the Western Balkan States

15. (Un)Friendly School Environments? Bully and Microagression as a Cause for Roma Children's Academic Underachievement

16. Minority Communities in Contemporary Tajikistan. An Overview

17. Universal Basic Income as a Tool of Empowerment for Minorities

18. The Influence of Dialogue Projects on the Reconcilation Process in Kosovo: Give Peace a Chance? - The Case of the Youth Peace Camp

19. Roma Policy-Making in Romania and Bulgaria: In Need to Prioritise Combating Anti-Gypsyism

20. The Trembling of a Complex Regional Consociation: 2018 Provincial Election in South Tyrol