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1. Energy Futures: Oil And The Oil Industry

2. World Oil Security On A Precipice

3. Financial Innovation For Energy Innovation

4. In The Era Of U.S. Energy Abundance: The Role Of The Caspian Region In U.S. Policy

5. The Geopolitical Consequences of Oil in Africa: The Case of Nigeria

6. Protecting Stateless Refugees In The United States

7. The Law’s Broken Promises to Stateless Persons

8. The Right To A Nationality: No Time To Be Complacent

9. Kashmir: A Case for Self-Determination

10. Toward A Drug-Free Society: The Singapore Approach

11. Saving Secularism in India

12. Kosovo 20 Years On: Implications For International Order

13. The Extraordinary Gamble: How the Yugoslav Tribunal’s Indictment of Slobodan Milošević During the Kosovo War Affected Peace Efforts

14. Gender Based Violence In The Kosovo War

15. How We Succeeded In Kosovo

16. Taking Care Of Business: Industrial Espionage And International Law

17. On The Question Of Chinese Espionage

18. Spies, Election Meddling, And Disinformation: Past And Present

19. American Espionage: Lessons From History

20. Egypt’s Consolidated Authoritarianism

21. The Diffusion Of Protest Following The 2007–2008 Global Crash

22. What Can Protest Achieve?: The Case of the Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign

23. Examining The Rise Of Popular Protests: The People Power Movement In Uganda

24. The Promises And Perils Of Diaspora Mobilization Against Authoritarian Regimes

25. The Politics Of Maps: Mapping The West Bank Barrier

26. Parag Khanna: Cartographic Conceptions For The Twenty-First Century

27. The Modern Political Map of Our Ocean Planet

28. Maps Of War And Peace: Rethinking Geography In International Affairs

29. The Straw Men Reigniting An “International War On Drugs”: A Case For Multilateralism

30. Toward The End Of The Global War On Drugs

31. Paul D. Kenny: Populism And The War On Drugs In Southeast Asia

32. Ethan Nadelmann: Paradigms For U.S. Drug Policy

33. Afghan Poppy Production for the World: Dynamics and Entanglements

34. Leadership And Policy-Making: Lessons From The U.S. Government

35. Oral History And The Rwandan Genocide

36. Unsettled Memory: Genocide Memorial Sites In Rwanda

37. Lessons From A Life In Rwandan Politics

38. A Multicultural Nationalism?

39. Undercover Journalism In North Korea