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1. Climate change actions in conflict affected contexts

2. Autocratization vs. democratization: The new framework for understanding political competition in Turkey in view of the elections and beyond

3. The West’s struggle in Sudan: Standing with the people while being stuck with the coup regime

4. The defeat of Russia in Ukraine will herald the defeat of the Lukashenko regime.

5. Africa Megatrends: Looking over the Horizon into the Future

6. Providing security in Iraq - what do Iraqis think?

7. Making women count, not just counting women: Creating a more effective security sector in Iraq requires increased inclusiveness

8. Risks of technology use in humanitarian settings: Avoiding harm, delivering impact

9. When jihadists broker peace: Natural resource conflicts as weapons of war in Mali’s protracted crisis

10. EU membership of the Western Balkan states in times of crisis: From a strategic choice to protracted inertia

11. A Moving Frontline in Africa

12. Democracy Support and Peaceful Democratisation after Civil War

13. Reconciliation in the Western Balkans: Overcoming the past together

14. UN Funding Cuts for Peacekeeping Have Consequences for Ghana: After sixty years of UN peacekeeping

15. Ghana's Peacekeeping Efforts Abroad Have an Impact at Home: The Many Implications of UN Peacekeeping

16. Armed Non-Satate Actors Need to be Included in Pragmatic Peacebuilding

17. Stepping up Synergies of the Danish Comprehensive Approach: The Peace and Stabilization Fund

18. In Defense of Democracy: Lessons from ECOWAS' Management of The Gambia's 2016 Post-Election Impasse

19. A difficult birth: Complexities and prospects for the formation of the Moroccan government

20. The Significance of the ‘YES’ Vote to the Constitutional Amendments in Turkey and Its Repercussions

21. Constitutional amendments in Turkey: Predictions and implications

22. Democracy and its Deficits: The path towards becoming European-style democracies in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

23. From Activism to Artivism: New Forms of Youth Activism in the Aftermath of 20 February Movement.

24. Davutoglu’s Resignation: Crisis Under Control

25. Nidaa Tounes Rift Exacerbates Government Crisis

26. Turkish Government Crisis Makes Early Elections a Reality

27. Afghanistan’s Fourth Estate: Independent Media

28. Tunisia: The Last Arab Spring Country

29. Tunisia's New Constitutional Court

30. Regional Security through Inclusive Reform in the Maghreb and the Sahel

31. Crisis and Opportunity in South Sudan

32. Compounding Uncertainty in Afghanistan: Economic Consequences of Delay in Signing the Bilateral Security Agreement

33. The Taliban's View of the 2014 Elections

34. Close the Gap: How to eliminate violence against women beyond 2015

35. Afghanistan at a Crossroads: Recommendations for the UN Security Council on the 2014 UNAMA mandate

36. Riding the Wave of Reform: Fast-tracking Myanmar's future with good quality aid

37. Working for the Few: Political capture and economic inequality

38. Why Afghanistan's Provincial Council Elections Matter

39. Last Chance: The International Community and the 2014 Afghan Elections

40. PakVotes: A Social Media Experiment in Elections Monitoring

41. A crisis of democratic legitimacy? It's about legitimation, stupid!

42. TSG IntelBrief: The Umbrella Revolution: Students Protest in Hong Kong

43. Elections en Tunisie: vieilles blessures, nouvelles craintes

44. Behind Closed Doors: The risk of denying women a voice in determining Afghanistan's future

45. Getting Democracy Promotion Right in Egypt

46. Negotiating Libya's Constitution

47. No Arab Spring for Algeria

48. Effective Bureaucracy can Facilitate Economic Reforms in Myanmar

49. Kenya's elections: the peace lobotomy?

50. Mali: filling the void