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1. The Economic Effects of the English Parliamentary Enclosures

2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who Has the Fairest Clauses of Us All? Stress-testing the Application of Mirror Clauses to Pesticides

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5. Combating Global Hunger as an American Foreign Policy Priority

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11. Building a Strong and Independent Iraq: Policy Guidance for the Biden Administration

12. Transforming Livelihood Systems: Meeting needs in a changing world

13. The Growing Complexity of Farmer-Herder Conflict in West and Central Africa

14. Will industrial and agricultural subsidies ever be reformed?

15. Public development aid should refocus on agriculture and education in Africa

16. A Comprehensive Evaluation on Korea’s ODA to Rwanda’s Agriculture Sector and Its implications for Strategic Approaches

17. When jihadists broker peace: Natural resource conflicts as weapons of war in Mali’s protracted crisis

18. ‘Of Cattle and Conflict’ – Rethinking responses to pastoralism-related conflicts

19. Increasing Access to Affordable Agricultural Microinsurance in Sub-Saharan Africa

20. Solar-Powered Irrigation in Yemen: Opportunities, Challenges and Policies