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1. Mine Action as a Confidence- and Security-building Measure in the OSCE Region

2. 2020 Country Brief: Afghanistan

3. UN-IFI Cooperation during Peacekeeping Drawdowns: Opportunities for Mutual Support

4. Digital Technologies and Civil Conflicts: Insights for peacemakers

5. Implementing the Peace Agreement in Colombia: Challenges for peacebuilding and reconciliation

6. Social Dialogue as a Tool to Fight Inequality & Recover After a Pandemic

7. Bridging the Silos: Integrating Strategies across Armed Conflict, Violent Crime, and Violent Extremism to Advance the UN’s Prevention Agenda

8. Essential Workers

9. Policy Papers by Women of Color: A New Normal: Redefining National Security Beyond 2020

10. Providing security in Iraq - what do Iraqis think?

11. Making women count, not just counting women: Creating a more effective security sector in Iraq requires increased inclusiveness

12. Risks of technology use in humanitarian settings: Avoiding harm, delivering impact

13. When jihadists broker peace: Natural resource conflicts as weapons of war in Mali’s protracted crisis

14. The Status of Amnesty Provisions in Situations of Transition under the African Charter

15. Charting the Course for Transitional Justice in Africa: Recommendations of the 2017–2020 African Transitional Justice Forums

16. Transitional Justice in Crisis Situations: Addressing Violent Extremism, Beyond a Militarised Approach

17. Enlivening Transitional Justice within the African Union's Agenda of Silencing the Guns: Looking Beyond 2020

18. Curtailing Tehran: Breaking down the validation of Israeli conjectures if Damascus is constraining Iranian military activities

19. Beyond May 1: The Future of U.S. Engagement in Afghanistan

20. Sustained Counterterrorism Efforts Remain Key to Preventing Attacks in Jordan

21. Building Bridges for Peace: U.S. Policy Toward Arab States, Palestinians, and Israel

22. Initial Biden Administration Policy Steps to Advance Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking

23. Initial Biden Administration Policy Steps to Advance Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking

24. Addressing Needs, Promoting Peace: A Proposal for an International Incentives Package for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

25. Morocco and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

26. Mexico's First Women, Peace and Security National Action Plan: An Assessment

27. Nuclear Challenges for the New U.S. Presidential Administration: The First 100 Days and Beyond

28. Reflections on Success Hope for a Women, Peace and Security Future

29. Breaking the Mold: Lessons from Sixteen Years of Innovative UN Political Engagement in Nepal

30. A UN for All? UN Policy and Programming on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics

31. At the Nexus of Participation and Protection: Protection-Related Barriers to Women’s Participation in Northern Ireland

32. Women, Peace, and Security Mandates for UN Peacekeeping Operations: Assessing Influence and Impact

33. Youth Participation in Global Governance for Sustaining Peace and Climate Action

34. Perceptions and Lived Realities of Women Police Officers in UN Peace Operations

35. Protecting the Environment During Armed Conflict: From Principles to Implementation

36. Covid-19 Effects on Peace and Conflict Dynamics: The Need for Prevention Prevails

37. Three decades of Russian Policy in the European Part of the Post-Soviet Space: Swimming Against the Current

38. Free to choose: A new plan for peace in Western Sahara

39. Advancing the Role of the OSCE in the Field of Climate Security

40. Current State of Ukraine’s Play within the Geopolitical Map of Europe

41. Preventing Violent Extremism in the Balkans and the MENA

42. Europe and the challenge set by history

43. Peace and Security 2025

44. Attracting SESAME Users’ Community to the Technical Dimensions of CBRN Activities, Disarmament, and Non-Proliferation

45. Political Vigilante Groups in Ghana's Democratic Governance: Some Policy Options

46. Higher Education as a Pathway toward Peace in Burkina Faso: New Policy Perspectives

47. Incremental inclusivity in peace processes: Key lessons learnt

48. A Missing Mandate? Casualty Recording in UN Peace Operations

49. Policy Papers by Women of Color: Diverse Voices on Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Security, and Global Health Security Policy

50. Policy Papers by Women of Color: Top Issues in Peace, Security, Conflict Transformation, and Foreign Policy

51. Eritrean refugees struggle after the peace agreement with Ethiopia: Peace and Plight

52. Climate change and peace in international operations: Ways forward for Denmark’s Ministry of Defence

53. Internally displaced people in Mali's capital city: When a crisis turns chronic

54. Talking to the Houthis: How Europeans can promote peace in Yemen

55. Mapping African regional cooperation: How to navigate Africa’s institutional landscape

56. Hostage state: How to free Bosnia from Dayton’s paralysing grip

57. The Israeli-Emirati peace agreement: ambiguous and fragile

58. The fourth coup: Mali between peaceful transition and security vacuum

59. Justice for All and the Public Health Emergency

60. Sustaining Peace in Burkina Faso: Responding to an Emerging Crisis

61. Operationalizing the Sustaining Peace Agenda: Lessons from Burkina Faso, Liberia, and Papua New Guinea

62. Uniformed Women in Peace Operations: Challenging Assumptions and Transforming Approaches

63. COVID-19 and Peace: Preparedness for the post-pandemic recovery

64. Economic Priorities for a Sustainable Peace Agreement in Yemen

65. A Moving Frontline in Africa

66. Shock Mobility: Long term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and lock-down

67. A Nation Divided: Palestinian Views on War and Peace with Israel

68. Recommendations for Israel’s New Foreign Minister: Initial Policy Messages

69. The Twentieth Anniversary of UNSCR 1325: What’s next in the era of COVID-19?

70. Localizing the 2030 Agenda in West Africa: Building on What Works

71. The Peacebuilding Commission and Climate-Related Security Risks: A More Favourable Political Environment?

72. Beyond 2020: Exploring the Potential for a Strong UN-AU Peacebuilding Partnership

73. Woman First, Soldier Second: Taboos and Stigmas Facing Military Women in UN Peace Operations

74. Gender Trainings in International Peace and Security: Toward a More Effective Approach

75. Peacebuilding during a Pandemic: Keeping the Focus on Women’s Inclusion

76. Continuity vs. Overreach in the Trump Peace Plan (Part 2): Security, Refugees, and Narratives

77. Escalating Houthi Offensives in Yemen: U.S. Options

78. The White House Peace Plan Meeting: U.S. Goals, Israeli Repercussions

79. Russia’s Growing Interests in Libya

80. Development Cooperation with Conflict-Affected MENA Countries: Refocussing on the Social Contract

81. Afghan Women’s Views on Violent Extremism and Aspirations to a Peacemaking Role

82. A Peace Regime for the Korean Peninsula

83. Rethinking Transnational Terrorism: An Integrated Approach

84. Understanding Resistance to Inclusive Peace Processes

85. Advancing Gender Integration into Global Fragility Act Country Strategies

86. Security for All: Applying the Women, Peace and Security Lens to the COVID-19 Pandemic Response in the U.S.

87. Going the Extra Mile for the 2020 Elections in the Central African Republic

88. Pugwash Note on the Iran Nuclear Agreement and Middle Eastern Security

89. Advancing Women’s Participation in Track II Peace Processes: Good and emerging practices

90. Reframing Women’s Roles in Peace Processes: Beyond the Negotiating Table

91. The Future of Mediation in the Post-COVID World

92. Strengthening local and national infrastructures for peace in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lesotho and South Sudan

93. Emerging Political Reforms and the Future of Ethiopian Federalism: Policy Options for Stability, Peace, and Development

94. Paz desde lo local. La fase veredal del PDET en El Bagre: voz sin decisión

95. The Civilian Casualty Tracking Analysis and Response Cell in the African Union Mission in Somalia: an emerging best practice for AU peace support operations?

96. The Sun Cannot be Hidden by Two fingers: Illicit Drugs and the Discussions on a Political Settlement in Afghanistan

97. DONBAS PEACE TALKS 2.0: Russia’s Objectives and Ukraine’s Limits

98. The First Year of the Compact: How the Review Process Can Make Civilian CSDP More Capable

99. Creating the Political Space for Prevention: How ECOWAS Supports Nationally Led Strategies

100. Diplomacy, the Eritrea-Ethiopia Peace Deal and its Implications