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1. Inclusion of Women in the FY22 NDAA (P.L. 117-81)

2. The European strategy for a 'New Deal' with Africa

3. China’s Foreign Policy at the Centennial of the Communist Party: Prestige Above All

4. Three decades of Russian Policy in the European Part of the Post-Soviet Space: Swimming Against the Current

5. What Europeans think about the US-China Cold War

6. Burning ambition: Egypt’s return to regional leadership and how Europe should respond

7. Crisis of confidence: How Europeans see their place in the world

8. Back from the brink: A better way for Europe to support Tunisia’s democratic transition

9. Dark money politics: Why Europe should join Biden’s fight against corruption

10. How to prevent Germany from becoming Eurosceptic

11. The crisis of American power: How Europeans see Biden’s America

12. Spoiler alert: How Europe can save diplomacy in Libya

13. Decade of patience: How China became a power in the Western Balkans

14. The geopolitics of the European Green Deal

15. Useful enemies: How the Turkey-UAE rivalry is remaking the Middle East

16. Analysing EU’s Sahel strategies: A civilian approach in the era of pragmatism

17. Biden’s administration as a chance for a new start of US-EU cooperation in the Western Balkans

18. Russian Grand Strategy and how to handle it

19. The EU and Russia: A New Foreign Policy for the “Carcass”?

20. How to Think About the China-Russia Partnership

21. A New World Order, According to Beijing

22. #NATO2030: America’s Transatlantic Agenda

23. #NATO2030: Credible Deterrence in the Baltic Region

24. The 2021 Australia-US Ministerial Consultations: Five Critical Areas for Cooperation

25. Xi Jinping’s Evergrande Dilemma

26. Genocide in Xinjiang: Centering Uyghur Human Rights in US Policies Toward China

27. The Chinese Communist Party’s Economic Challenge to the Free World

28. Building a Strong and Independent Iraq: Policy Guidance for the Biden Administration

29. Europe's China Chimera

30. A US-India Trade Agenda for the Biden Administration

31. US Support for Australia and the Region Against PRC Coercion: A Six Point Agenda

32. How the EU Lost in Libya

33. The European Union and the geopolitics of Covid19 vaccines in the Western Balkans – Isabelle Ioannides

34. Greece, Russia and the EU: The Way Forward

35. Germany’s New Government Coalition: A Red, Yellow or Green Light for German-Turkish Relations?

36. Give Lisbon a chance: How to improve EU foreign policy

37. Will the EU’s positive agenda on Turkey amount to anything more than wishful thinking?

38. Turkey’s interventions in its near abroad: The case of Idlib

39. The Egyptian-Jordanian-Iraqi triangle: Reviving an Arab axis in changed circumstances

40. The Washington-Ankara alliance: Recurrent crises or durable partnership

41. Despite Political Tension, Americans and Russians See Cooperation as Essential

42. Fog in Channel? The Impact of Brexit on EU and UK Foreign Affairs

43. Green Digital Diplomacy: Time for the EU to Lead

44. Appeasement and Autonomy: Armenian-Russian relations from revolution to war

45. Australia's South China Sea Challenges

46. Chinese-Australians in the Australian Public Service

47. Policy Papers by Women of Color: A New Normal: Redefining National Security Beyond 2020

48. To Beat China On Tech In Emerging Markets, Learn From It: Competing with China on 5G and future technologies

49. Small states’ security strategies need an international energy dimension: What can be learned from the Danish Nord Stream and Baltic Pipe negotiations?

50. Nuclear submarines and central heating: What Russia wants in the Arctic

51. European strategic autonomy: From misconceived to useful concept what can we learn from the Northern outlook?

52. A lack of evidence-based approaches will weaken the implementation of the EU Action Plan against migrant smuggling 2021-2025

53. Nature and Nurture: How the Biden Administration Can Advance Ties With India

54. ASPI NOTES for the Biden Administration

55. Moscow's Central Role: Have the Rules of Engagement Changed in Syria after the recent Israeli Strikes?

56. Curtailing Tehran: Breaking down the validation of Israeli conjectures if Damascus is constraining Iranian military activities

57. The Battle of Time: Why is Washington showing little interest in Iran's presidential elections?

58. Georgia’s Europeanization challenged from within: Domestic foreign policy discourses and increasing polarization

59. The Eastern Partnership: between resilience and interference

60. What’s in the New Southern Policy Plus? An ASEAN Perspective on Building Niche-based Pragmatic Cooperation with South Korea

61. Twenty Years of One Country Two Systems in China: Evaluation and Future Prospects

62. The Effects of US-China Rivalry on Latin America and Their Implications

63. Biden at 100 Days: A Climate Foreign-Policy Scorecard

64. An Overlooked Source of Chinese Influence in Latin America

65. Russia Defiant of White House’s Foreign Policy Agenda

66. Turkey Enters Tunisia’s Weapons Market With Combat-Proven Arms: A Technical and Strategic Assessment

67. Defining a Realistic Policy Toward Erdogan's Turkey: Advice for the Biden Administration

68. The Coming Iran Nuclear Talks: Openings and Obstacles

69. Building Bridges for Peace: U.S. Policy Toward Arab States, Palestinians, and Israel

70. NATO in Iraq: Not a Surge

71. Israel in the Mediterranean: Policy Questions and Answers

72. Initial Biden Administration Policy Steps to Advance Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking

73. Initial Biden Administration Policy Steps to Advance Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking

74. Mexico's First Women, Peace and Security National Action Plan: An Assessment

75. Toward an Inclusive Security Arrangement in the Persian Gulf

76. The Dominance Dilemma: The American Approach to NATO and its Future

77. Responsible Statecraft Requires Remaking America’s Foreign Relations Tool Kit

78. De-Risking the India Relationship: An Action Agenda for the United States

79. Concrete Steps Toward a Feminist Foreign Policy

80. The Biden Agenda: How the new administration can help Western Balkans out of stagnation

81. Sanctions, a privileged instrument of European Foreign Policy

82. The Biden transition

83. Prospects for European and U.S. Policy toward Iran

84. Linking Values and Strategy: How Democracies Can Offset Autocratic Advances

85. President Joe Biden and the restoration of US global leadership: Turning the tide?

86. China’s policy towards Belarus and Ukraine: A limited challenge to Sino-Russian relations

87. Russia’s relative resilience: Why Putin feels vindicated by the pandemic

88. Recalibrating US-Africa Policy

89. The Russia policy conundrum: Who blinks first?

90. The Nagorno-Karabakh war: A new balance of power in the southern Caucasus

91. Challenges of the Biden presidency: mending domestic and foreign rifts

92. The End of German Ostpolitik: What a Change in Germany’s Russia Strategy Might Look Like

93. Upgrading Europe’s Civilian Crisis Management: A Strategic Planning Process in Ten Steps

94. Deciphering China in the Middle East

95. Uncharted Territory? Towards a common threat analysis and a Strategic Compass for EU security and defence

96. Unboxing the Future: Finding the futures hidden in plain sight

97. Russia's Forays into Sub-Saharan Africa: Do you want to be my friend, again?

98. Beyond Yemen's Militiadoms: Restarting from local agency

99. Policy Papers by Women of Color: Top Issues in Peace, Security, Conflict Transformation, and Foreign Policy

100. Managing US-China Rivalry in the Arctic: Small states can be players in great power competition