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1. Environmental Protection and Climate Change Budgets of Metropolitan Municipalities

2. Energy investment in a time of inflation

3. Security at Sea: A Turning Point in Maritime

4. Peacekeeping in Nonpermissive Environments: Assessing Troop-Contributing Countries’ Perspectives on Capabilities and Mindsets

5. The Science of Rapid Climate Change in Alaska and the Arctic: Sea Ice, Land Ice, and Sea Level

6. How non-state armed groups engage in environmental protection

7. Climate change actions in conflict affected contexts

8. What needs to change for green funds to be truly green

9. Why adaptation projects do not stop climate-related migration

10. How to encourage private sector climate initiatives in Kenya

11. The Arctic is Hot: Addressing the Social and Environmental Implications

12. Climate adaptation: The race to cool down Europe’s cities

13. PLUS Politics: Tackling the EIA Impact Gap

14. Origins and prospects of climate change activism in the Arab region: Rethinking the development and market economy model

15. False Alarm over the Retreat of the Himalayan Glaciers

16. Slippery Fish: Enforcing Regulation under Subversive Adaptation

17. The Offsetting Mechanism in Guangdong Province’s ETS: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward

18. Increasing the Emissions-Reduction Efficiency of Carbon Trading Schemes in China Under the “30.60” Target: Reflection on the Carbon Markets of Guangdong Province, China

19. Technological Innovation and the Future of Energy Value Chains

20. Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage: Technologies and Costs in the U.S. Context

21. The Challenges of Decarbonizing the U.S. Electric Grid by 2035

22. A new climate for peace: How Europe can promote environmental cooperation between the Gulf Arab states and Iran

23. Preventing the Critical Minerals Crisis

24. Transparency in multilateral climate governance: Ranking countries by the Climate Transparency Adherence Index

25. Re-securitizing climate: From ‘climate security’ to ‘ecology of peace’?

26. Securing alternative gas supplies and addressing critical infrastructure gaps in Europe

27. Multilateralism Index: Pilot Report

28. Contingent-Owned Equipment and Environmental Considerations in UN Peacekeeping Operations

29. The UN Environmental and Climate Adviser in Somalia

30. Toward an Environmental and Climate-Sensitive Approach to Protection in UN Peacekeeping Operations

31. Footing the Bill: Fair finance for loss and damage in an era of escalating climate impacts

32. Climate Finance in West Africa: Assessing the state of climate finance in one of the world’s regions worst hit by the climate crisis

33. Unaccountable Accounting: The World Bank’s unreliable climate finance reporting

34. Climate finance in Asia: Assessing the state of climate finance in one of the world’s most climate vulnerable regions

35. Protecting the environment in times of armed conflict

36. Our climate future depends on conflict dynamics in Congo

37. How to support a rights-based approach to nature-based solutions

38. The Role of Development Actors in Responding to Environment and Security Links

39. Increasing Global Climate Ambition and Implications for Korea

40. The Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027 Change and Continuity

41. Shining a Spotlight: A critical assessment of food and beverage companies’ delivery of sustainability commitments

42. The Impact of Climate Change on Global and Local Security Governance

43. Climate Change and Its Impact on Security Provision - The Role of Good Security Sector Governance and Reform

44. A CO2-Border Adjustment Mechanism as a Building Block of a Climate Club

45. Russia Meets Climate Change: The Domestic Politicization of Environmental Issues and External Pressure to Decarbonize

46. Africa Megatrends: Looking over the Horizon into the Future

47. Protecting the Environment During Armed Conflict: From Principles to Implementation

48. Engaging Brazil in the era of climate action: Can Europe and the United States devise a new globalisation?

49. Resolving Human Wildlife Conflict in Botswana Through Social Protection

50. A transition for the citizens? Ensuring public participation in the European Green Deal

51. Will Only a Green Power Remain a Great Power?

52. The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Disposable Bag Regulation

53. The Role of Blockchain in Green Hydrogen Value Chains

54. The European Union at a Crossroads: Unlocking Renewable Hydrogen’s Potential

55. Offshore Wind in the Eastern United States

56. National Development Bank – BNDES and New Development Bank – NDB: a strategic partnership for development and sustainability?

57. The EU Green Deal and Its Industrial and Political Significance

58. Israel in the Mediterranean: Policy Questions and Answers

59. Small states’ security strategies need an international energy dimension: What can be learned from the Danish Nord Stream and Baltic Pipe negotiations?

60. When jihadists broker peace: Natural resource conflicts as weapons of war in Mali’s protracted crisis

61. Nuclear submarines and central heating: What Russia wants in the Arctic

62. Greenland’s minerals to consolidate China’s rare earth dominance? No green future without China

63. Integrating community development in public procurement of renewable energy generation: Lessons from South Africa

64. China: The Renewable Hydrogen Superpower?

65. Sustainable Mobility: Renewable Hydrogen in the Transport Sector

66. 2021 Resource Governance Index: Azerbaijan (Oil and Gas)

67. Socioeconomic Impacts of Climate Change in the Mediterranean

68. Climate change and Finnish comprehensive security: Insights into enhanced preparedness

69. The geopolitics of the energy transition: Global issues and European policies driving the development of renewable energy

70. The Commitment to Development Index 2021