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1921. A strategic shift: The return of the Taliban in Afghanistan and its implications

1922. The Egyptian-Jordanian-Iraqi triangle: Reviving an Arab axis in changed circumstances

1923. Biden-Erdogan meeting: cautious rapprochement amid still thorny disputes

1924. The Suez Canal crisis: A strategic corridor beset by competitors

1925. Dividing up Covid-19 vaccine: distribution based on countries’ weight

1926. A warm war: Sudan and Ethiopia on a collision course

1927. Tunisia: An overlapping political and constitutional crisis

1928. The Washington-Ankara alliance: Recurrent crises or durable partnership

1929. The day after: The conflicting implications of Brexit

1930. Germany’s Debt Brake and Europe’s Fiscal Stance after COVID-19

1931. The Use of Games in Strategic Foresight: A Warning from the Future

1932. Rule of Law Diplomacy: Why the EU Needs to Become More Vocal in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine

1933. After the OECD-Deal: Transatlantic Cooperation and International Corporate Tax Reform

1934. Building Infrastructure in Real Time: Avoiding Regulatory Paralysis

1935. A US Infrastructure Plan: Building for the Long Haul

1936. Broadband Access - Connecting America

1937. The American Jobs Plan: The Made-in-America Tax Plan

1938. Vaccinating America

1939. A US Workforce Training Plan for the Postpandemic Economy

1940. American Families Plan