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2001. Offshore Wind in the Eastern United States

2002. Likely Escalation: Potential war over Syria’s Daraa Province after Russian roadmap

2003. A Shiite Division: The repercussions of the possible postponement of the Iraqi parliamentary elections

2004. Eight Reasons: Why did Algeria sever political relations with Morocco?

2005. Afghanistan’s Ripples: Can the US withdraw from Iraq?

2006. Potential Cooperation: Iranian Possible Cooperation with Taliban to Curb Threats

2007. Panjshir Resistance: Will the Taliban Fail to Fully Control Afghanistan?

2008. Common Perceptions: Discovering the consensus between King Abdullah and Putin regarding the future of Southern Syria

2009. Proceeding with Reform: Disclosing the reasons behind the Tunisian President’s decision to extend the exceptional measures

2010. Limited Repercussions: Implications of the Emergence of Afghan-US Armored Vehicles in Tehran

2011. The Tigray Crisis: The Ethiopian government’s incessant attempts to resolve the internal conflict militarily

2012. The 7th Round of Talks: Iran’s foot-dragging over the return to nuclear talks

2013. Mounting Interference: Will Washington push the Tunisian president into restoring the parliament?

2014. Mutual Concessions: Did al-Kadhimi’s visit to Tehran achieve its objectives?

2015. Multiple gains: Saied’s Call for Changing the Tunisian Political System

2016. Possible Escalation: No Love Lost between Erdogan and Turkish Opposition

2017. Maritime Dispute: Lebanon’s Options for Responding to Israel’s Deal with Halliburton

2018. A Possible Downfall: The implications of the mass resignations within the Ennahda movement in Tunisia

2019. The Evolving Rivalry: The future of the relationship between Taliban and ISKP in Afghanistan

2020. Three Crises: Escalating security threats to the future of the Somali State