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1. Budget Brief: Mission Saksham Anganwadi and Poshan 2.0

2. Security professionals are changing how humanitarian organisations operate

3. Climate change, mobility and human trafficking in Ethiopia

4. Existing Dispute: Does the new budget set the stage for a fresh phase of conflict in Iraq?

5. Power and potential: The economics of Egyptian construction and ICT

6. Getting global development back on track: Focus and start at home

7. Trading short-term gains for long-term costs: the Egyptian political economy under al-Sisi

8. Migration in the Context of Climate Foreign Policy

9. Multilateral development banks are key to unlocking low-carbon investments in developing economies

10. Scaling up locally led adaptation in Bangladesh: three action areas

11. Potential and Pitfalls for African Industrialization in Chinese-built Standard Gauge Railways

12. Electric Vehicles and the Changing Automotive GVC: A Window of Opportunity for African Countries?

13. Current Capabilities and Future Potential of African Textile and Apparel Industries

14. Climate Change Mitigation for Late Industrialisers: The Role of Technology Intensity in Manufacturing

15. Financing Loss and Damage at Scale: Toward a Mosaic Approach

16. Global Inequality in Well‐​Being Has Decreased across Many Dimensions: Introducing the Inequality of Human Progress Index

17. Post-Disaster Aid in “Politically Estranged” Settings: Findings from Ten Years of Post-Nargis Social Research in Myanmar

18. Climate Adaptation in Africa: Locally Led and Nature Based Solutions

19. Korea's Official Development Assistance to the Philippine Education Sector: Observations and Inputs

20. ASEAN's medium- to long-term trade strategies and the direction of RoK-ASEAN cooperation

21. Developing ODA Evaluation Methodology for Technical Cooperation

22. Policy Papers by Women of Color: Decolonizing International Development

23. China’s Evolving Approach to Foreign Aid

24. The ABCs of Sovereign Debt Relief

25. ABCs of the IFIs: The African Development Fund’s 16th Replenishment

26. Breakthrough to Policy Use: Reinvigorating Impact Evaluation for Global Development

27. Mainstreaming Evidence Use through Locally Led Development: Recommendations for USAID

28. ABCs of the IFIs: Understanding IDA20

29. Recommendations for US-Africa Space Cooperation and Development

30. Beyond 2025: The Future of the African Growth and Opportunity Act

31. Two Shades of Blue: Europe and the Pacific Islands, Strategic Partners in the Indo-Pacific Era

32. The Development Response to Kleptocracy and Strategic Corruption

33. Egypt’s water policy after the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

34. Origins and prospects of climate change activism in the Arab region: Rethinking the development and market economy model

35. Europe Cannot Wait for Unity

36. Development Competition is Heating Up: China’s Global Development Initiative and the G7 Partnership for Infrastructure and Global Alliance on Food Security

37. Our climate future depends on conflict dynamics in Congo

38. How renewable energy transitions impact power structures in local communities

39. How to support a rights-based approach to nature-based solutions

40. Mapping the “Women, Peace and Security” agenda in Latin America: a comparison of the UN’s National Action Plans

41. Analysis of the Healthcare Sector in Africa and Its Policy Implications for Korea

42. The European strategy for a 'New Deal' with Africa

43. Just Transition for Bangladesh

44. Options for a Loss and Damage Financial Mechanism

45. Youth Inclusion in the Development of South Africa's National Youth Policy (2020–2030): Reflections and Recommendations

46. Climate Finance in West Africa: Assessing the state of climate finance in one of the world’s regions worst hit by the climate crisis

47. The Role of Development Actors in Responding to Environment and Security Links

48. Germany and the UK: Perspectives for Deepening the Bilateral Dialogue on Development Policy

49. Is Foreign Direct Investment Losing Clout in Development?

50. Europe’s Global Gateway: A New Geostrategic Framework for Development Policy?

51. Understanding Hainan Free Trade Port: China's Efforts to Explore High-level Opening-up

52. Accelerating Transitions towards a Circular Economy and Policy Implications for Korea

53. Development of the IT Industry and Structural Transformation: Focused on IT Cooperation with Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

54. Finding a Path through Quagmire

55. Chinese Demographic Signals Bode Ill for Future Development

56. Building a Climate-Ready Indian State: Institutions and Governance for Transformative Low-Carbon Development

57. Diving Deeper: Under the surface of LBQTI Funding

58. Diving Deeper: Under the surface of Intermediary Funding

59. Diving Deeper: Under the Surface of Embassy Funding

60. An Examination of Ghana’s Health Financing Challenges and Prospect for Reform

61. Improving China's participation in resolving developing-country debt problems

62. Firm performance, trade linkages, and the growth of SMEs in Tanzania

63. How difficult is China’s business environment for European and American companies?

64. To Beat China On Tech In Emerging Markets, Learn From It: Competing with China on 5G and future technologies

65. Risks of technology use in humanitarian settings: Avoiding harm, delivering impact

66. Recognising diaspora humanitarianism: What we know and what we need to know more about

67. Integrating community development in public procurement of renewable energy generation: Lessons from South Africa

68. Renewable energy in Africa is about more than climate change: Aid needed for both clean energy and local capacity

69. A lack of evidence-based approaches will weaken the implementation of the EU Action Plan against migrant smuggling 2021-2025

70. Enlivening Transitional Justice within the African Union's Agenda of Silencing the Guns: Looking Beyond 2020

71. Who gets Involved? Insights on Civic Engagement in Africa and Implications for Fostering Volunteerism

72. Policy Brief 1: Building Capacity for Development of Factoring in Africa to accelerate trade development and support AfCFTA

73. Local Economic Councils: A Tool to Improve Business Productivity in Yemen

74. Mapping China’s Participation in Multilateral Development Institutions and Funds

75. Rethinking Humanitarian Reform: What Will it Take to Truly Change the System?

76. The Commitment to Development Index 2021

77. Do Evolving Digital Trade Rules Create an Uneven Playing Field? Understanding Global Perspectives

78. Are Current Models of Data Protection Fit for Purpose? Understanding the Consequences for Economic Development

79. The Quality of Official Development Assistance

80. Iraqi diaspora mobilization and the future development of Iraq

81. Transforming the Systems that Contribute to Fragility and Humanitarian Crises: Programming across the triple nexus

82. Still Treading Water: Reviewing six years of the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism and the dire water situation in the Gaza Strip

83. In Our Own Words: Perspectives from local actors in the Horn, East, and Central Africa

84. Updating the European industrial strategy for the post-pandemic world

85. China's Ties with Southeast Asia : From Green Shoots to Sustained Recovery

86. The Future Africans Want: When Optimism Is Power

87. Climate of cooperation: How the EU can help deliver a green grand bargain

88. Advancing the Role of the OSCE in the Field of Climate Security

89. Impact of Colonial Institutions on Economic Growth and Development in India: Evidence from Night Lights Data

90. National Development Bank – BNDES and New Development Bank – NDB: a strategic partnership for development and sustainability?

91. Peace and illicit drugs at the margins: A borderland view of Afghanistan’s SDG 16

92. Covid-19 prompts the EU and the Netherlands to rethink global health

93. ‘If you want to go far, go together’ Community engagement and infrastructure development in fragile settings

94. Increasing Access to Affordable Agricultural Microinsurance in Sub-Saharan Africa

95. Investing in Jordan Through Support for Social Enterprises

96. Public development aid should refocus on agriculture and education in Africa

97. Korea's Aid Agencies and Result-Based Management System

98. Regional Financial Cooperation in East Asia from a New Perspective

99. How Can South Korea Teach, Lead, and Help in Asia’s Quest for Smart Cities?

100. The Crisis of the WTO and New Direction for Negotiation Strategies of Korea