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201. Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa –Trends and Basic Recommendations for Development Cooperation

202. Supporting or Thwarting? The Influence of European Union Migration Policies on African Free Movement Regimes in West and North-Eastern Africa

203. Sustaining Peace in Liberia: New Reforms, New Opportunities?

204. Guatemala’s Achilles’ Heel: The 2030 Agenda and the Fight against Corruption

205. Pivoting from Crisis to Development: Preparing for the Next Wave of UN Peace Operations Transitions

206. The United Kingdom's Belt and Road Initiative strategy after Brexit

207. Development of Sri Lanka’s East Container Terminal Port: Japan & India’s Regional Cooperation in South Asia Shaping Up

208. Restructuring Public Finances in Yemen

209. Updating the DFIs’ Operating Models and Methods Towards Helping to Achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

210. Breaking the Silos: Pragmatic National Approaches to Prevention

211. Not smart enough: The poverty of European military thinking on artificial intelligence

212. Migration, Development, and Global Governance: From Crisis toward Consolidation

213. UN Funding Cuts for Peacekeeping Have Consequences for Ghana: After sixty years of UN peacekeeping

214. Ghana's Peacekeeping Efforts Abroad Have an Impact at Home: The Many Implications of UN Peacekeeping

215. Gulf State Rivalries in the Horn of Africa: Time for a Red Sea Policy?

216. Disinformation Goes South: Political technologies threaten developing countries

217. Has the Paris Declaration Disappeared? Revisiting the Aid Effectiveness Agenda

218. EU Pressure on Niger to Stop Migrants is Reshaping Cross-Border Economies: From migrants to drugs, gold, and rare animals

219. Analysis of the Socio-Economic Situation of the Mountainous Region of the Guria and Khulo Municipalities

220. Expo promotes high-quality development

221. Opinion: What Is China’s Core Economic Interest in Trade War?

222. The Warning Signs are Flashing Red: The interplay between climate change and violent extremism in the Western Sahel

223. Emerging Political Reforms and the Future of Ethiopian Federalism: Policy Options for Stability, Peace, and Development

224. Is global inequality rising or falling?

225. The politics of social protection in Eastern and Southern Africa: Actors, institutions and dynamics

226. Mexico’s Financial Risks: Solving Pemex for a Solvent Mexico

227. Trends in Private Capital Flows to Low-Income Countries: Good and Not-So-Good News

228. Chinese Leadership and the Future of BRI: What Key Decisions Lie Ahead?

229. Five Takeaways on the Future of Humanitarian Reform

230. Promoting Investment in Research for Development Outcomes: A Research Ventures Fund at the World Bank

231. Building on Digital ID for Inclusive Services: Lessons from India

232. Moving Beyond the Emergency: A Whole of Society Approach to the Refugee Response in Bangladesh

233. When Does “What Works” Work? And What Does that Mean for UK Aid R&D Spend?

234. ABCs of the IFIs: The African Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development

235. Reforming EU Trade Policy to Accelerate Economic Transformation in Africa

236. Automation and AI: Implications for African Development Prospects?

237. A Smoother Trade Transition for Graduating LDCs

238. Taxing “Bads”: An Overview of Research Initiatives

239. Quantifying the Size and Development of the Shadow Economy in Swaziland

240. Capacity profiling and needs assessment of the public service of Swaziland

241. Swaziland Research and Development Statistics: Findings from the 2015/16 Swaziland National Research and Development Survey