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1. From Paper to Practice: Enhancing Integrated Development Plans to Improve Governance

2. Greening Economies in Partner Countries: Priorities for International Cooperation

3. Tomorrow’s Global Development Landscape: Mapping Trends and Reform Dynamics

4. Constellations of State Fragility: Improving International Cooperation through Analytical Differentiation

5. Current Developments in West Africa’s Regional Integration – Challenges for the Future Design of Foreign and Development Policy

6. State Fragility and Development Cooperation: Putting the Empirics to Use in Policy and Planning

7. Getting Special Drawing Rights Right: Opportunities for Re-channelling SDRs to Vulnerable Countries

8. "The Dead Became Uncountable": Mass Atrocities in Sudan

9. Risk of Mass Atrocities in India

10. India’s Service Sector: New Areas for Future Cooperation

11. China's Trade Strategies and Korea-China Cooperation Plans

12. Korea-India Economic Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Era

13. Assessing ASEAN Economic Integration Progress and South Korea’s Approach Focusing on TBT and SPS

14. Japan’s Supply Chain Policy and its Implications for South Korea

15. Korea’s Global Value Chain Strategies amid Rising Trade Disputes

16. EU's “Open Strategic Autonomy” and its Implications for Korea

17. Analyzing South Korea’s Semiconductor Industry: Trade Dynamics and Global Position

18. North Korea’s 2023 Trade with China: Analysis and Forecasts

19. Multidimensional Impact of COVID-19 on Education and Implications on Inclusive Recovery

20. The Mobility Key: Realizing the Potential of Refugee Travel Documents

21. Foreign Interference Online: Where Disinformation Infringes on Freedom of Thought

22. Protecting Freedom of Thought: Mitigating Technological Enablers of Disinformation

23. New Logics for Governing Human Discourse in the Online Era

24. NATO's New Ambitions for Space

25. Indonesia’s 2024 Presidential Elections: Campaigning for Continuity

26. After the February 6 Earthquakes: A Critical Overview of the Legal and Administrative Framework

27. Society and State in Turkey Between Two Disasters

28. The Responsibility of Business to Respect Human Rights

29. The Impact of Digital Policy Tools on Local Democracy

30. Budget Brief: Pradhan Mantri Poshan Shakti Nirman

31. Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana and Janani Suraksha Yojana

32. Budget Brief: Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

33. Budget Brief: Mission Saksham Anganwadi and Poshan 2.0

34. A Framework for Action for the Responsibility to Protect: A Resource for States

35. Future-proofing EU security and defence cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

36. What should the EU do about violent extremism?

37. Playing the Long Game in the South China Sea

38. Patchwork procurement? How to bridge parallel initiatives in EU joint defence procurement

39. Evaluating The Social and Economic Consequences of Global Warming On African Women

40. Climate Change in Africa: What we know, what we don't, and where we should go from here

41. Can Alternative Sequencing of Actions Break the Deadlock in Implementing the Agreement on the Path to Normalization between Kosovo and Serbia?

42. Has Kosovo understood the Sexual Integrity of Women?

43. Kosovo's Take on Cybersecurity

44. What is Kosovo’s position in regional security cooperation?

45. Policy Brief on Women's Agency and Working Environment in the Security Sector

46. Is the Law Interception of Electronic Communications in Kosovo, working?

47. How the Agreement on the Path to Normalisation IF IMPLEMENTED changes relations between Kosovo and Serbia?

48. Is a compulsory military service feasible for Kosovo?

49. Maximising the impact of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP)

50. Strategies to future-proof Zambia: Debt relief and beyond

51. Enhancing political accountability in South Africa

52. Financing Women, Peace and Security: A Review of WPS National Action Plans from 2005 to 2022

53. Green Jobs and the City: Towards a Just Transition in Developing Countries

54. Strengthening Social Cohesion in Conflict-Affected Societies: Potential, Patterns and Pitfalls

55. Refugee-led Organisations and Intersectionality: Feminist Development Policy in the Lives of Refugees

56. Cotton Made in Africa: A Case Study of Sustainable Production through Responsible Consumption

57. Implementation of the WTO Investment Facilitation for Development Agreement: Identification of Reform Needs and Development Policy Measures

58. Co-operation or Mutual Co-option? The Senegal–EU Partnership on Migration

59. Health Financing in Times of Multiple Crises: Analysis and Recommendations

60. Geopolitics, the Global South and Development Policy

61. Climate (Im)mobility in Urban Contexts: From Recognition to Action

62. Children in Refugee Camps and Their Role in Refugee–Host Community Integration

63. Germany’s Energiewende: Synergies, Trade-offs and Political Drivers

64. The Future of Climate and Development Finance: Balancing Separate Accounting with Integrated Policy Responses

65. The BEPS Project: Achievements and Remaining Challenges

66. Relational Contracts in the Rwandan Coffee Chain

67. Improving Employment and Social Cohesion among Refugee and Host Communities through TVET: Evidence from an Impact Assessment in Ethiopia

68. Analysis of Trade Pattern Between the EAEU and South Korea

69. Enhancing Korea’s Services Trade Statistics: Policy Recommendations

70. Russia’s Relations with China Amidst US-China-Russia Strategic Competition

71. Global Perspectives on ESG and Implications for Korea

72. Japan’s New Trade Strategy Focuses on Supply Chain Resilience and Trade Liberalization

73. Trade and Investment Cooperation between South Korea and the Visegrad Group

74. Environmental Migration and Labor Market

75. Korea’s Indo-Pacific Strategy and its Implications for Bilateral Cooperation between India and South Korea

76. Strategies to Raise Public Awareness on Development Cooperation

77. India’s Medical Devices Sector: A Window of Opportunity for South Korea

78. Decoding Financial Crises: Analyzing Predictors and Evolution

79. Mekong Subregion-RoK Cooperation to Build Stable Supply Chains in Southeast Asia

80. EU's Trade Strategies and Korea-EU Cooperation Plans

81. Policy Implications of the Biden Administration’s Global Supply Chain Reorganization

82. Demographic Dividend and Economic Growth: Exploring the Case of India

83. The E-Commerce and Global Value Chains

84. Economic Cooperation Policies of China, Japan and India towards South Asia and Their Implications for Korea

85. Impact of China's Emissions Trading System on Industries and its Policy Implications

86. North Korea’s Climate Change Challenges and the Need for International Cooperation

87. Paris Agreement Article 6 and Implications for Korea’s NDC Implementation

88. Increasing supply chain risks and Implications for Korea

89. Energy Accessibility and Green Energy Cooperation in East Africa

90. The structural improvement for Korea's foreign exchange market and its implications on Korean economy

91. A Look Back on 50 years of ROK-Indonesia Partnership and its Future

92. Central Asia’s Trade Strategies and Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Plans

93. U.S. Trade Strategies and Korea-U.S. Cooperation Plans

94. Linking Migrant Reintegration Assistance and Development Goals

95. What Role Could Digital Technologies Play in the New EU Pact on Migration and Asylum?

96. What Role Can Immigration Play in Addressing Current and Future Labor Shortages?

97. Green Reintegration: Supporting Returning Migrants in Climate-Affected Communities

98. Consolidating Gains: Lessons and Priorities for Promoting Fair and Ethical Recruitment

99. Addressing the Liability Gap in AI Accidents

100. Navigating Africa’s Digital Partnerships in a Context of Global Rivalry