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1. Harnessing Public Employment Programmes' Potential: An Intervention Brief Focusing on Youth Inclusion in South Africa's Community Work Programme

2. The Impact of Women Peacekeepers on Public Support for Peacekeeping in TroopContributing Countries

3. Reparations for Victims of the Marikana Masssacre

4. Emerging Powers and Peacebuilding Financing: Recommendations for Finding Common Ground

5. Mitigating Post-Apartheid Xenophobic Violence Through Language

6. The legal and political implications of a judicial review of the Zondo Commission’s findings

7. Advancing Youth Inclusion and Violence Prevention through Public Support Programmes

8. Youth Inclusion in the Development of South Africa's National Youth Policy (2020–2030): Reflections and Recommendations

9. The Youth's Continent: Meaningful Youth Inclusion in Policy and Programme Cycles

10. The impacts of the pandemic on investment flows in BRICS countries: a preliminary analysis based on UNCTAD global investment reports

11. Geoeconomics of Polarisation: Can BRICS eclipse western global economic power?

12. Social Dialogue as a Tool to Fight Inequality & Recover After a Pandemic

13. Integrating community development in public procurement of renewable energy generation: Lessons from South Africa

14. Humanizing Security in Cabo Delgado

15. Do the BRICS care about International Security?

16. Deployment of Soldiers to Communities experiencing Gang Violence in South Africa: Policy Perspectives

17. Islamic State’s South African Fighters in Mozambique: The Thulsie Twins Case

18. Policy implications of empirically estimated fiscal multipliers for South Africa

19. Lessons from South Africa’s 2019 Elections

20. Educational Interventions to Address Gender-Based Violence

21. Governing Digital Trade – A New Role for the WTO

22. The politics of social protection in Eastern and Southern Africa: Actors, institutions and dynamics

23. Local Networks for Peace: Lessons from Community-Led Peacebuilding

24. Transitioning Toward Gender Justice: A Trend Analysis of 13 African cases

25. Gender and Energy approaches by BASIC countries

26. BRICS Plus: An innovative model for cooperation

27. Women’s Contribution to Social Cohesion and Violence Prevention through the Community Work Programme

28. The Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification Mechanisms for Developing Countries under the UNFCCC: an analysis of the BASIC countries Biennial Update Reports

29. Public service delivery in South Africa: Councillors and Citizens Critical Links in Overcoming Persistent Inequities

30. Media and Transitional Justice: A Dream of Symbiosis in a Troubled Relationship

31. The Cost and Cost-Effectiveness of Alternative Strategies to Expand Treatment to HIV-Positive South Africans: Scale Economies and Outreach Costs

32. The good, the better and the best: How the Community Work Programme can reach its full potential as an instrument of community development in South Africa

33. Working for Safety: The Community Work Programme as a tool for preventing violence and building safer communities

34. The Good, the Better and the Best: How the Community Work Programme Can Reach Its Full Potential as an Instrument of Community Development in South Africa

35. Working for Safety: The Community Work Programme as a Tool for Preventing Violence and Building Safer Communities

36. Estimates of Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rates, November 2014

37. South Africa's response to the Ukrainian crisis

38. The BRICS Development Bank: Why the world's newest global bank must adopt a pro-poor agenda

39. Making Large-Scale Wind and Solar Power a Reality

40. The West must allow a power shift in international organizations

41. Lessons from South Africa's BITs review

42. African Union Transitional Justice Policy Framework in Practice: Implementing Accountability Measures

43. Climate Negotiations Open a Window: Key Implications of the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action

44. Integrating Food Security with Land Reform: A More Effective Policy for South Africa

45. Zimbabwe: An Opportunity for Closer U.S.-South Africa Relations

46. African dynamics at the climate change negotiations

47. Playing Ostrich: Lessons Learned from South Africa's Response to Terrorism

48. Preventing child abuse and interpersonal violence in low- and middle-income countries

49. Where was united Africa in the climate change negotiations?

50. Energy Innovation Policy in Major Emerging Countries