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1. Russia’s Yes Vote on Syria Aid Will Come With a Price

2. Women, Peace and Security and the 2022 National Security Strategy

3. European energy solidarity: strengthening the EU’s crisibility

4. Geopolitical and Technocratic: EU International Actorness and Anne PINTSCH Russia’s War Against Ukraine

5. Judging Putin

6. Economic sanctions against Russia: How effective? How durable?

7. Integrating US and allied capabilities to ensure security in space

8. The EU can manage without Russian liquified natural gas

9. Information Manipulation and Repression: A Theory and Evidence from the COVID-19 Response in Russia

10. The third EU-NATO joint declaration (10 January 2023): Was it worth the delay?

11. The Impacts of the Russo-Ukranian War on Latin America in the Age of Strategic Competition

12. The promises and perils of law-making as the way to strengthen societal resilience

13. Cluster Bombs: What is the potential impact of American weapons on Ukraine’s counteroffensive?

14. A Surprising Shift: Is Somalia choosing Moscow over Washington?

15. Restraining Moscow: What are the repercussions of Wagner's rebellion for the Russo-Ukrainian war?

16. Messages to Washington: The significance of China's push for a new world order during President Jinping's Moscow visit

17. A Long Shot: Chances of reviving the JCPOA following FM’s Moscow visit

18. European Mercenaries: Will Congo use Wagner in its conflict with Rwanda?

19. The war in Ukraine: Adapting the EU’s security and defence policy

20. A Dead-End War: Russian Failure and Ukrainian Destruction

21. Russia’s War Economy

22. Leveraging Islam and Internal Conflict: Strategies and Consequences in Russia’s War Against Ukraine

23. Toughening Financial Sanctions on Russia: Enforcing Energy Sanctions and Reducing Shadow Reserves Effectively

24. Coping with Technology Sanctions in the Russian Financial Sector

25. Whose Zeitenwende? Germany Cannot Meet Everyone’s Expectations

26. The Ukraine War & European Security: How Durable Is America’s Strategy?

27. Paths to a Ceasefire in Ukraine: America Must Take the Lead

28. Defense Contractor Funded Think Tanks Dominate Ukraine Debate

29. The Future of European Security

30. How to make the EU Energy Platform an effective emergency tool

31. 2022, Xi Jinping’s Annus Horribilis: Or is it?

32. Phoenix or Icarus? European strategic autonomy in light of Ukraine

33. The Development Response to Kleptocracy and Strategic Corruption

34. Russia, Ukraine and international Law

35. Has Europe’s hour come?

36. World food crisis: between withdrawal and responsibility, Europe must choose

37. North Africa Can Reduce Europe's Dependence on Russian Gas by Transporting Wasted Gas Through Existing Infrastructure

38. Bridging U.S.-Led Alliances in the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific: An Inter-theater Perspective

39. International Legal Options for Prevention and Justice in Ukraine

40. Russia’s Losing Hand in Ukraine

41. Saving Energy in a Hurry Reducing Dependence on Russian Hydrocarbons Requires Resolute Demand and Supply Sides Action

42. Fiscal support and monetary vigilance: Economic policy implications of the Russia-Ukraine war for the European Union

43. How Russia Fights

44. Rethinking NATO engagement in the Western Balkans

45. Is Russia a threat in emerging and disruptive technologies?

46. The war in Ukraine and the future of Russia-China relations

47. Cool Change Ahead? NATO's Strategic Concept and the High North

48. Russia’s “total confrontation” on the Eastern flank

49. On a Collision Course: Russia’s Dangerous Game in Ukraine

50. The End of the Post-Cold War Era: Russia's Adventure in Ukraine Reshapes the Entire World Order

51. War in Ukraine enters its second month: serious implications and far-reaching changes

52. Ukraine: Toward a Prolonged War of Attrition Fuelling Great Power Competition

53. If Russia Uses Migration as a Weapon, Europeans Should Respond In Kind

54. Designing a Geo-Economic Policy for Europe

55. Sea Change for Europe’s Security Order: Three Future Scenarios

56. The Economics of Great Power Competition: Why Germany Must Step Up on Defense

57. Using Information to Influence the Russian War in Ukraine

58. Sanctions Against Russia: Five Lessons from the Case of Iran

59. Avoiding the Dangers of a Protracted Conflict in Ukraine

60. The Lobbying Battle Before the War: Russian and Ukrainian Influence in the U.S.

61. NATO’s Tunnel Vision

62. Managed Competition: A U.S. Grand Strategy for a Multipolar World

63. Assessment of the role of Caspian Basin in reducing of EU's oil dependence in the light of Russian Ukraine War

64. How to Maintain International Unity on Ukraine (Part II)

65. Development Competition is Heating Up: China’s Global Development Initiative and the G7 Partnership for Infrastructure and Global Alliance on Food Security

66. The Ukraine Example: Circumstances Matter for Effective Security Assistance

67. Memo on an "Economic Article 5" to Counter Authoritarian Coercion

68. The crisis of European security: What Europeans think about the war in Ukraine

69. Health of nations: How Europe can fight future pandemics

70. Principled pragmatism: Europe’s place in a multipolar Middle East

71. A question of balance: India and Europe after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

72. The next war: How Russian hybrid aggression could threaten Moldova

73. Survive and thrive: A European plan to support Ukraine in the long war against Russia

74. In Europe’s defence: Why the EU needs a security compact with Ukraine

75. Byting back: The EU’s digital alliance with Latin America and the Caribbean

76. Russia’s War in Ukraine: Western Military Assistance

77. EU Security and Defence After Ukraine

78. EU Defense After Ukraine: A New Capabilities Agenda

79. EU Defence After Ukraine: France’s Presidency

80. EU Defence After Ukraine: Denmark’s CSDP U-Turn

81. Germany, Russia, and Energy Politics

82. The Contours of a New Western Russia Strategy

83. Russia’s War in Ukraine: The Kremlin’s Aims and Assumptions

84. Russia’s War in Ukraine: The War in Cyberspace

85. Russia’s War in Ukraine: Russian Military Logistics

86. Russia’s War in Ukraine: Large-Scale War and NATO

87. Russia’s War in Ukraine: The Early Air War

88. Russia’s War in Ukraine: The War at Sea

89. Russia’s War in Ukraine: When Russia Went to War

90. Russia’s War in Ukraine: WMD Issues

91. Russia’s War in Ukraine: Russia’s Propaganda War

92. Russian Spring 2022 Recruitment Cycle

93. Tanks versus Banks: Russian Military versus EU Geoeconomic Power

94. Putin Is Creating the Multipolar World He (Thought He) Wanted

95. Russia’s shifting foreign and security policy in Northern Europe: The new geopolitical meaning of ‘good neighbourliness’

96. Germany’s shifting policy towards Russia: The sudden end of Ostpolitik

97. Russia’s connectivity strategies in Eurasia: Politics over economy

98. German strengths and weaknesses in the Russo-Ukrainian war

99. Turkey’s Pivot to Eurasia: The Effect of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

100. The Ukraine Crisis: There Is Still Room for Diplomacy