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1. A post-Western global order in the making? Foreign policy goals of India, Turkey, Brazil and South Africa

2. The impacts of the pandemic on investment flows in BRICS countries: a preliminary analysis based on UNCTAD global investment reports

3. Geoeconomics of Polarisation: Can BRICS eclipse western global economic power?

4. Engaging Brazil in the era of climate action: Can Europe and the United States devise a new globalisation?

5. National Development Bank – BNDES and New Development Bank – NDB: a strategic partnership for development and sustainability?

6. Do the BRICS care about International Security?

7. Developing Countries Can Help Restore the WTO's Dispute Settlement System

8. Inequality in Brazil: Inclusive growth trend of this millennium is over

9. The Amazon Is a Carbon Bomb: How Can Brazil and the World Work Together to Avoid Setting It Off?

10. Darkness at noon: deforestation in the new authoritarian era

11. With or Without You: How the G20 Could Advance Global Action towards Climate-Friendly Sustainable Development

12. The Brazilian model of Investment Agreements and Socio-environmental Safeguards

13. Gender and Energy approaches by BASIC countries

14. The Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification Mechanisms for Developing Countries under the UNFCCC: an analysis of the BASIC countries Biennial Update Reports

15. Brazil’s Perception of the Visegrad Group: Not a Strategic but a Prospective Partnership

16. Increasing Access to Medicines: Leveraging Brazil’s Experience

17. Do Public Development Banks Hurt Growth? Evidence from Brazil

18. Why Brazil has not criticised Russia over Crimea

19. Will Brazil Get What It Expects from the World Cup?

20. The BRICS Development Bank: Why the world's newest global bank must adopt a pro-poor agenda

21. Beyond Haiti: Enhancing Latin American Military and Police Contributions to UN Peacekeeping

22. Pathways to Security Council Reform

23. Migrant and Refugee Integration in Global Cities: The Role of Cities and Businesses

24. The Brazil-Norway Agreement with Performance-Based Payments for Forest Conservation: Successes, Challenges, and Lessons

25. Estimates of Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rates, November 2014

26. Reforming National Oil Companies: Nine Recommendations

27. Inserting Migrants Into the Global Social Protection Floor

28. Engaging Indonesia

29. The West must allow a power shift in international organizations

30. The Naval Nuclear Reactor Threat to the NPT

31. Understanding the Links Between Sexual and Reproductive Health Status and Poverty Reduction

32. Case Study from Brazil Gender Equality, Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Poverty Reduction: Understanding the Links with Economic Growth and Improvements in Household Income

33. The European Union and Brazil as Privileged Partners? Difficult Path to an Authentic Strategic Partnership

34. Brazil as an Emerging Environmental Donor

35. Is Chinese FDI pushing Latin America into natural resources?

36. EIU: Global outlook summary

37. CARE and Cargill: An Innovative NGO-Private Sector Partnership to Fight Global Poverty

38. The concept of "rising powers"

39. Should Brazil be “Special” for Canada?

40. What Impact? The E10 and the 2011 Security Council

41. Assertive Brazil: An emerging power and its implications

42. Regional Powers in Growing Dialogue: The Brazil-Turkey Strategic Partnership and its Implementation

43. Cautious Optimism for Peace in Colombia

44. Can Asia Learn from Brazil's Agricultural Success?

45. Currency Wars?

46. Energy Innovation Policy in Major Emerging Countries

47. U.S. BITs and financial stability

48. The EU and the global climate regime: Getting back in the game

49. Lessons from the Iran Nuclear Developments

50. Where was united Africa in the climate change negotiations?