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1. Two-pronged approaches: considerations in the US-Iran showdown

2. Trump, Xi and the eclipse of the liberal world order

3. Trump Tariffs Primarily Hit Multinational Supply Chains, Harm US Technology Competitiveness

4. A Tale of Three Headlines

5. Repeal, Don’t Replace, the AUMF

6. The sustainability of the questionable US presidency: The Trump era might last longer than expected

7. The US Withdrawal from Syria: Causes, Contexts and Consequences

8. The US’ special relationships in Europe

9. Combating Terrorism and Alleviating Human Suffering in Syria

10. Rebuilding Alliances and Countering Threats in the Gulf

11. When Turnbull meets Trump

12. The Nuclear Ban treaty: What would follow

13. Dialogue on U.S.-China Infrastructure Cooperation

14. Staying Ahead of Trump on Security Requires a Holistic Review of Canadian National Security

15. Donald Trump and US-Russian relations Geopolitical Bromance or Business-as-Usual?

16. With Trump, US-China relations are no longer business as usual China may stand to gain from a Trump presidency

17. Survival of the fittest: Trump’s not-so-simple nationalism

18. Election Hacking in Democracies: The example of the U.S. 2016 elections

19. European defence core groups

20. Major developments in the US and China and US-China Relations Amidst Turmoil in the International Order (US-China Project)

21. Sub-project I. Domestic factors influencing US foreign policy (US Study Group)

22. Sub-project III: US-China Relations and International Relations Involving the US and China (US-China Relations Study Group)

23. Could the Trump Administration Mean a New Beginning for the Kurds?

24. Trump’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East: Four Key Issues

25. Implications of US Disengagement from the Middle East

26. A Canadian Agenda for the USA: Obama and Beyond

27. A Primer to the North American Leaders’ Summit (NALS)

28. Clinton or Trump: Canada’s Energy Relations with the US

29. Better Than Government A New Way of Managing Life’s Risks

30. U.S.-Israel Relations: A Changing Landscape?

31. Fighting for Moderate Islam: Ideas and Activism on the New Front Line

32. Defeat into Victory: Arab Lessons for the Iraqi Security Forces

33. Access to Cancer Treatment: A study of medicine pricing issues with recommendations for improving access to cancer medication

34. How to Protect Refugees and Prevent Abuse at the Border

35. Diplomacy for a Diffuse World

36. Making the Case: The President's Budget is a Step in the Right Direction

37. Balancing Without Containment: An American Strategy for Managing China

38. Guantanamo: A Comprehensive Exit Strategy

39. Making the Case: What is America's Best Bad Option in Syria?

40. Making the Case: Think Twice Before Punishing Egypt

41. Making the Case: Dismissing the Major Critiques of Syria's Chemical Weapons Destruction

42. Stronger U.S. – EU Trade Creates Everyday Benefits

43. Rising Robotics and the Third Industrial Revolution

44. Honduras under siege

45. Europe: spread (not lost) in space

46. For Each and Every Child: A strategy for Education Equity and Excellence

47. The European Union and Brazil as Privileged Partners? Difficult Path to an Authentic Strategic Partnership

48. The Transatlantic Bargain After "the Pivot"

49. "Chronic violence": toward a new approach to 21st-century violence

50. The 2012 Presidential Election and American Foreign Policy in the Middle East