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1. How to Protect Refugees and Prevent Abuse at the Border

2. Europe: spread (not lost) in space

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4. Defense Monitor, Vol. XXXVII, No. 1 -January/February 2008

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11. Budgets to Make America Safer

12. The Iraq War: Do Civilian Casualties Matter?

13. Why U.S. National Security Requires Mideast Peace

14. Travel Advisory: Military Personnel and British Courts

15. Banning Hizballah TV in America

16. Carrots for Iran? Lessons from Libya

17. Establishing a National Intelligence Director: Directing U.S. Intelligence Efforts in the Post-September 11 Era

18. Blair's Visit to Washington: British Politics and the Peace Process

19. The Republican Party Platform and the Middle East

20. The Democratic Party's Platform and the Middle East