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1. The 2021 Iranian Presidential Election A Preliminary Assessment

2. As Israel’s Kingmaker Gets Off the Fence, Gantz Gets a Boost

3. Challenges Await Oman’s New Sultan as Mourning Period Ends

4. Turkey's Opposition vs. the AKP: Measuring Messaging

5. Iran-South Korea Humanitarian Trade Requires U.S. Assurances

6. The Future of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces

7. Status Check on the Struggle against Global Terrorism

8. Iran's Shadow over Unrest in Bahrain

9. How to Form a New Iraqi Government while U.S. Combat Forces Withdraw

10. Ahmadinezhad's Cabinet: Loyalists and Radicals

11. Fatah Congress: A Victory for Abbas

12. Militarization of the Iranian Judiciary

13. Summer Heats Up in Lebanon

14. Who Will Be the Next King of Saudi Arabia... And Does It Matter?

15. PolicyWatch #1398: Pakistan after Musharraf: Growing U.S. Challenges

16. PolicyWatch #1397: Kirkuk Derails Iraq's Election Law

17. PolicyWatch #1396: Financial Crisis Grips Fayad Government

18. PolicyWatch #1391: Can Lebanon's March 14 Reverse the Tide?

19. PolicyWatch #1389: Hizballah's Military Wing Under Pressure Despite Political Gains

20. PolicyWatch #1382: Reconciling with Hamas? Abbas's Hedge Against a Failed Peace Process

21. PolicyWatch #1378: Ending (or Deepening) the Crisis in Lebanon: The Role of Electoral Reform

22. PolicyWatch #1377: Treatment of Bahais: A Test of Human Rights in Iran

23. PolicyWatch #1375: Lebanese Crisis Ends: Hizballah Victory or Temporary Truce?

24. PolicyWatch #1374: Kuwaiti Elections: Democracy in Action, or Inaction?

25. PolicyWatch #1372: Showdown between Hizballah and Beirut

26. PolicyWatch #1366: A Roadmap for the Foreign Terrorist Organizations List

27. PolicyWatch #1363: Electoral and Social Tensions Spike in Egypt

28. PolicyWatch #1361: Who Won the Battle for Basra?

29. PolicyWatch #1358: Kuwait's New Political Crisis: Can Democracy Trump Sectarianism?

30. PolicyWatch #1355: Will the Turkish Constitutional Court Ban the AKP?

31. PolicyWatch #1353: Fayad's Reform Plan: Difficulties and Political Implications

32. PolicyWatch #1342: Iran's Parliamentary Elections: Assured Victory for the Supreme Leader

33. PolicyWatch #1341: Pakistani Elections and the Middle East

34. PolicyWatch #1335: Kirkuk's Article 140: Expired or Not?

35. PolicyWatch #1326: Prosecuting Terrorism beyond 'Material Support'

36. PolicyWatch #1405: The Importance of Iraq's Provincial Elections

37. PolicyWatch #1418: New FBI Powers: A Necessary Step for Counterterrorism

38. PolicyWatch #1316: Special Forum Report: Libel, Terrorism, and the Assault on Academic Freedom

39. PolicyWatch #1310: Lebanon's Presidential Crisis

40. PolicyWatch #1305: The PKK Redux: Implications of a Growing Threat

41. PolicyWatch #1304: How to Handle Terrorist Suspects: No Easy Answer

42. PolicyWatch #1298: Democracy in Slow Motion: Oman Goes to the Polls

43. PolicyWatch #1296: Larijani's Resignation: Implications for Iranian Nuclear Policy and Internal Politics

44. PolicyWatch #1295: Transforming U.S. Efforts to Fight Transnational Terrorist Networks

45. PolicyWatch #1293: The PKK and the Armenian Genocide Resolution: U.S.-Turkish Relations at a Critical Juncture

46. PolicyWatch #1282: The Moroccan Parliamentary Election: More Gains for Islamists?

47. PolicyWatch #1271: Cabinet, President, Referendum: Turkey's Complex Political Calendar

48. PolicyWatch #1269: The Islamist Boycott of Jordanian Municipal Elections: A Victory of Public Relations or Politics?

49. PolicyWatch #1266: Jordanian Islamists and Municipal Elections: Confirmation of a Problematic Trend?

50. PolicyWatch #1262: How Supreme Is Iran's Supreme Leader?