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1. The Future of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces

2. How to Form a New Iraqi Government while U.S. Combat Forces Withdraw

3. PolicyWatch #1397: Kirkuk Derails Iraq's Election Law

4. PolicyWatch #1361: Who Won the Battle for Basra?

5. PolicyWatch #1335: Kirkuk's Article 140: Expired or Not?

6. PolicyWatch #1405: The Importance of Iraq's Provincial Elections

7. The Riyadh Arab Summit: Multiple Issues and High Expectations

8. PolicyWatch #1293: The PKK and the Armenian Genocide Resolution: U.S.-Turkish Relations at a Critical Juncture

9. PolicyWatch #1266: Jordanian Islamists and Municipal Elections: Confirmation of a Problematic Trend?

10. On the Record: Robert Gates on the Middle East

11. Lessons and Consequences of the Israel-Hizballah War: An Early Assessment

12. The Death of Zarqawi: Organizational and Operational Implications for the Insurgency

13. Rebuilding Iraq: The Way Ahead

14. Iraq: A Report from the Front

15. Entering the 'Tipping Period' in Iraq

16. The Three-Way Game: Iran, Iraq, and the United States

17. Muqtada al-Sadr's Continuing Challenge to the Coalition (Part I): The U.S. Military Response

18. Basing Restrictions Shape Concept and Conduct of War

19. An Accident on the Road to U.S.-Turkish Cooperation in Iraq: Implications for Turkey

20. Special Policy Forum Report: Iraq and the Middle East -- A View from Cairo

21. Special Policy Forum Report: The Bush Administration's Busy Year in the Middle East -- A Preview of 2003

22. Arab Gulf Politics And Powell's Visit